Scene It: Lights Camera Action with 4 Wireless Controllers £9.73 @ The Hut
Scene It: Lights Camera Action with 4 Wireless Controllers £9.73 @ The Hut

Scene It: Lights Camera Action with 4 Wireless Controllers £9.73 @ The Hut

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'Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action' brings gamers together with friends and family for a casual trivia game that they all can play and enjoy. Using the simple and intuitive Big Button Controller, players can challenge their friends to see whose movie knowledge reigns supreme, with real content from their favourite movies and actors.

This social and engaging trivia experience ships with four wireless controllers, allowing up to four teams to challenge one another, and includes more than 1,800 questions with images, audio and high-definition (HD) movie clips from hundreds of films players will know and love. Gameplay enhancements ensure each game offers a fresh experience without repeats, and new questions and content can be downloadable to add to the fun with.

New movies, puzzle challenges and multiplayer action - 'Scene It?' for the Xbox 360 features five new types of puzzle challenge that are sure to keep gamers guessing all night long, including Credit Roll, where players guess the film based on the list of characters and actors; Child's Play, where they guess the name of the film based on a child's drawing of a film scene; and Quotables, where they are challenged to finish a famous line from a featured film. In addition, all 21 puzzle types have been designed to provide the ultimate multiplayer experience on Xbox 360.

Starring the Big Button Controller - 'Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action' is shipped with four new wireless Big Button Controllers, so each gamer has his or her own buzzer. Making games such as 'Scene It?' more approachable for all types of players, the Big Button Controller takes its inspiration from the game show buzzers of yesteryear but uses the latest infrared technology to minimize the chances of an argument over who answered first.

HD - 'Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action' offers a wide assortment of movie clips in HD format as well as hundreds of stills and audio clips from players' favourite films.

Minimal repeats - This Xbox 360 version keeps track of questions that have already been asked and minimizes repeats so players rarely get the same question twice.


Is this the old one or is box office smash the old one?

Box Office Smash is the newest one

Fun game with friends and a few beers.


Box Office Smash is the newest one

Got that. Thanks. I think that was under a tenner as well.

Yeah, just shy of £10 for BOS @ asda asda-entertainment.co.uk/asd…uct

Much better version, online play, auto updated questions and avatar features.

Voting cold on this one, sorry.

Eh? The BOS version at asda isn't the solus - what're you trying to get at?

If you had to choose between two products at near enough the same price, wouldn't you rather have the latest, most complete version? I know I would

Strange person...

surely it costs a fair amount of this to send it through to you?! great price for a good party game..

Cold. Got the latest game with controllers from Asda for 9.99 delivered. Insane Price. Thought I was only getting the disc. Anyone need spare controllers?

Hot :thumbsup:


http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/asda/10000569.product See!!! Better … http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/asda/10000569.product See!!! Better than this.

agree...deal voted cold.... poster you are hot!
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