Scene It Xbox 360 with 4 wireless buzzer controllers - £29 @ Virgin Megastores

Scene It Xbox 360 with 4 wireless buzzer controllers - £29 @ Virgin Megastores

Found 18th Nov 2007
xbox 360 - scene it £29 with free delivery from Virgin Megastores. This is my first post so I hope its OK.

Lights, Camera, Party!

New Questions, New Puzzles:
A new and unique game interface provides more than 1,800 new questions, 21 different types of trivia challenges, and 3 game modes.

4 Wireless Controllers:
Up to four people or teams can play at once using the easy-to-use wireless Big Button Pads.

Reels Of Movie Content:
Hundreds of photos, audio and movie clips (including Hi-Def) from your favourite films.

Fun for All:
Gather friends and family around your silver screen and enjoy hours of movie mania that won't get stale.


Good price, has anybody got this game and could recommend

was looking at this in pc world yesterday, but it was £39.99

Thought this might be good for when the family is round at Christmas time. Under £30 seems like a great price too when your getting the controllers with it (Batteries for them are included in the pack just incase anyone was wondering)

Have heard that the questions feature some older movies so it might be quite hard for the younger folk out there.

if you go to PC worlds website they will Price match it aand give you another £99p off :D:thumbsup:

My quick review:
- The questions are varied, the film clips vary well (it seems to try and put an older film with a newer film)
- It records which questions you've answered, so there's as little repetition as possible
- The controllers work really well
- Excellent game for the film buffs
- Varied, although slighty easy Achievements (got 250 GS after 2 plays, however from the Achievements list I can tell some of them will require extensive play)
- Fair scoring system (Stops the film buffs from being too clever. Although you get more points the quicker you answer, if you quickly choose the wrong answer you get penalised more!)
- HD film clips in abundance, from recent films to classics (content is by 20th Century Fox, MGM, Sony (!) Pictures, Universal, Dreamworks)

- The 'Producer', who narrates the game as you go along, is seriously annoying, and you can't turn him off. Good thing he only talks between question sets.
- Some of the question types don't get enough explanation the first time round.
- Probably a little too American grammar wise, but so far no glaringly Merkin issues.
- Film clip questions not always reliant on the clip (e.g. some require film knowledge rather than observational skills)
- No Xbox Live whatsoever. Nothing too unusual there, as it is intended to be a party game, but it also means no downloadable content packs in the future.
- The 12 rating on the box relates to the film content, not the ability level, as such, this game is for those with a reasonably good film knowledge.

Posted this last night: ]Scene It! - £29.97 at Sainsburys, has some more info on the buzzers
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