Schar gluten free bread B1G1HP - £1.54 + some cereal offers too @ Waitrose

Schar gluten free bread B1G1HP - £1.54 + some cereal offers too @ Waitrose

Found 16th May 2018
Coeliac awareness week deals. Brown and white ciabatta rolls are £2.05 normally, so £1.54 each if you buy two. Schar loaves ar £2.55 normally, so £1.91 each if you Submitbuy two. Also Schar biscuits and pizza bases are in the offer, as is Mesa Sunrise cereal and Eat Natural Buckwheat cereal. Amy's Burrito's are half price (£1) from the freezer.
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But I'm not celiac so I've decided to come in here and be really preachy about it and troll people without realising I'm doing it as I'm really just an arrogant person who thinks he is better and smarter than other people and that the world should all eat wheat and wheat only as it was perfectly good for thousands of years and other arguments which I'll make using exclusively anacodtal evidence and stuff I've seen on TV or read about online and then used pseudo science and an overestimation of my own intelligence to form opinionated and condescending rationalisation that simply must be forced on everyone who comes along as it is my right to do so.
Still a deal though...
There is an approved NHS treatment for coeliac disease. It's simple - don't eat wheat, rye, barley or oats. Job done. Does cost a lot more at the supermarket though, sadly.
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