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Posted 19 May 2023

Scheppach Petrol 45cc Chainsaw - £49.99 / 56cc Chainsaw - £59.99 + 3 yrs Warranty - Free Delivery (UK Mainland) @ Aldi

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Scheppach Petrol 45cc Chainsaw - £49.99 (Was £99.99) This is the lowest price ever according to previous HUKD posts.

Scheppach Petrol Chainsaw 56cc - £59.99 ( Was £89.99)

Scheppach Petrol 45cc Chainsaw

Keep up with your garden maintenance with the Scheppach Petrol 45cc Chainsaw, the 45cc 2- stroke petrol engine will help you carry out those tougher jobs. Cut your branches, shrubs and trees with this high performance tool. For a more comfortable job the chainsaw features an anti vibration handle to help absorb shocks and reduce user fatigue. Gardening has never been so simple.


  • 45cm Cutting length
  • Tank for chain lubricating oil
  • Powerful 2-stroke petrol engine
  • Easy start system
  • Max. engine speed 12000rpm (approx.)
  • 18" Guide bar
  • Anti-vibration system absorbs shock and reduces user fatigue

3 Years

Scheppach Petrol Chainsaw 56cc

Keep up with your garden maintenance with the Scheppach Petrol 56cc Chainsaw, the 2- stroke air cooled engine will help you carry out those tougher jobs. Cut your branches, shrubs and trees with this high performance tool. For a more comfortable job the chainsaw features an anti vibration handle. To make sure your machine stands the test of time it also has low emissions and a heavy duty air filter to add longevity to its engine. Gardening has never been so simple.


  • 2 Stroke, air-cooled engine
  • Displacement: 56cc
  • Rated output power: 2.3kw
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Easy starting and chain tensioning
  • High quality chain and guidebar
  • Strong security protection
  • Comfort fuel cap

3 Years
Aldi More details at

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  1. ad19's avatar
    Also worth investing in the relevant safety gear - chainsaws are not the average DIY tool you can use in shorts and flip flops!
    japes's avatar
    Funnily enough that's exactly what I was wearing last weekend. Had to remove a tree that had been felled over a pond. Swimming shorts and Croc sliders
  2. Shine600's avatar
    For those of us too wimpy to buy a chainsaw a reciprocating saw is pretty useful alternative, and less likely to cut your leg off.

  3. davester2k's avatar
    IMO petrol chainsaws shouldn't be used unless you've done a decent safety course. Electric ones are considerably safer.
    Jeff_Tracy's avatar
    Don’t need a safety course just general common sense which these days can be very expensive to buy, in sensible hands and common sense you’ll have no worries, been using one for years
  4. rrr99gp's avatar
    You can get one of these for free if you turn around and walk back.

  5. RoryJoe's avatar
    Any good deals on hockey masks?
  6. JCP11's avatar
    Any deals on boom sticks?? (edited)
  7. helal94's avatar
    Will be handy for a trip to Texas
  8. tjc2005's avatar
  9. XPL1C1T's avatar
    Anyone in the know, if this or the bigger brother are a worthy purchase?
    japes's avatar
    Plenty of reviews on their site
  10. lancerhnj's avatar
    You know what, I'm doing it, I'm saying no. I really don't need a petrol chainsaw.
    vincento_1's avatar
    We need one. We definitely do. Ordered
  11. sr_387's avatar
    pop in for some milk bread and tin of soup an walk out with a chainsaw
  12. Nee2's avatar
    why is the 'original price' of the 45cc more than the 56cc? Shouldnt it be the other way round? Am i missing something? (edited)
  13. mcbain's avatar
    Never understand why these come with 20" bar. Given the market they're aimed for, a 14" bar would be plenty.
    Ahaios's avatar
    Was thinking about the same. Anyone knows if these are A041 Motor Mount?
  14. mampuya_.'s avatar
    There's about to be an increase in chainsaw related deaths.
  15. Jeff_Tracy's avatar
    Just purchased the 58cc 20” from
    Parker brand last week for £85 after I missed this one last time,
    Can’t complain I guess
    Bigger engine and bar
  16. gringo1804's avatar
    Anyone know the bar length on the 56cc one? Can't see it specified on the description but it looks slightly longer on the pictures.
    pye13's avatar
    Educated guess, it’ll be a 20” bar.
  17. zwarder's avatar
    Had a cheapy chainsaw which wasn't great, bought an Oregon bar & chain which made a massive difference
  18. tinman41's avatar
    Got this a few months ago...................still in the box.
  19. mb1's avatar
    Some half decent TCB on Aldi at the moment, which you might be able to combine with Santander Boost's cashback for them.
  20. Bugman's avatar
    Out of stock now
  21. JusTox's avatar
    Just got this chainsaw but for the life of us me and my friend could not even get it started.
    We've added chainsaw oil
    Fuel (but it is 8 months old since I've added fuel into the jerry can) mixed with 2 stroke
    Handbrake on
    Fuel indicator pushed many times
    Power on
    Choke pulled out

    Must have pulled the cord more than 40 times can smell fuel but just will not start. Any suggestions?
    smudgemobile's avatar
    Maybe the Spark plug or connection?
  22. smudgemobile's avatar
    Spark plug?
's avatar