Scheppach SCM80L 8" Sliding mitre saw, double bevel £92 INSTORE @ B&Q

Scheppach SCM80L 8" Sliding mitre saw, double bevel £92 INSTORE @ B&Q

Found 9th Jul 2014
Saw this sliding mitre saw on the shelf at my local B&Q in Durham, caught my eye has it had a very long slide on it, so can cut upto 340mm.

Also had double bevel meaning you can cut angles from both sides - I've got a cheap Evolution one so not got this feature, but think it would be handy as you can then cut through the face of your work for skirting etc.

Seems very cheap at £92, takes standard 30mm bore blades unlike the Evolution. No idea if any good or accurate as it says its a special edition so hard find on google. This model looks very similar though:…A4A…568

Edit: It's national as also found in another store.
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Scheppach are a quality brand if this is made to the same standard as their other kit should be a very good buy
if its 8' then its 200mm blade and cut depth probably only 75mm or less
58mm at 90 it seems from the box, so not great, but ok for flooring etc
Scheppach is a trade brand, have used a few of their tools, table saw on site was very good, looking at the pictures on the box it tilts left and right which is a added bonus.
Will go and have a look at my local on the way home ,if this is scheppach normal quality then it will be good, the special edition makes me wonder. I have there planner thicknesser and its good quality
I've changed it from local to national deal as I got my dad to buy one for me on his over 60s discount in the Bury store, they had 33 there. Not sure I need another one but for £82 it's worth a try as I've got house worth of 7" skirting to fit, and be nice to get the double bevel ability.
Went to have a look like I said the special edition bit worried me ,probably well worth the money but not the scheppach quality you might expect ,bit like a value range as in Tesco .
i bought this from b&q and quite frankly its useless
no spares available either
Can you elaborate on useless please? mines still in box and I'll take it back if so.

what spares are you after?
The quality for the money is rather quite impressive but it came with a 2 pin ive been unable to use ot yet as ive been told I cannot use it without a moulded plug so im been sent an adapter. The insert around the blade was found cracked upon unpacking. Im some distance from the store so can.t return until my next trip back to the mainland. Should of checked but was late for my ferry
Can anyone chime in on whether to go for this or the evolution slider for £100 on screwfix?
Bought the Pingtek Blueline Double Bevel saw on ebay. Great piece of kit and excellent value for money. Spoke to them before I bought it. They keep spare parts for all their machines
it was Durham
Has anyone used it as I'm thinking of buying one aswell
Bought one a couple of weeks ago. Have since used it to construct a 15'x13' deck and 8'x6' summerhouse. Was only half a degree out on 90deg cut out of the box - adjusted it's fine. Coarse blade but fine for what I've used it for - standard size so easy to get finer blades for fine/detail work. Laser useless unless you're working in the dark oO, but didn't expect much and would never use it anyway. Real boon being able to cut timber over a foot wide. Made short work of cutting 9x2 joists, and blade is still sharp. . A bargain at £92 - it would have cost me that to hire one for a week - and I could buy 6 of these for the price of one DeWalt or Makita. Caveat: I'm a DIY'er, not a tradesman - if I were buying a saw for hard everyday use, I may think again.

Hope this helps.
Still a few available in Croydon - Valley Park
It weighs 17kg, by the exit doors

would also like to point out, that this is almost exactly the same as the model MSS 8db 8",
other than this being a special edition (whatever that means), and this model costs over £150.
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