Schöfferhofer Wheat Beer £1.29 @ ALDI

Schöfferhofer Wheat Beer £1.29 @ ALDI

Found 21st Jun 2015
Put this deal on a while back but only could find it in the Bradford branch (canal road) just been to Batley branch and had them there so could be national ?
good price for a decent wheat beer , hope this helps someone
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No need to say ,"so could be national ?" as this statement applies to every national chain. I love wit bier so will go if I happen to be around, wouldn't go on a goose chase though.
Just bought some at Aldi in Dunston, Gateshead.
What's this compare too ?
For a different palate maybe Morrisons have Marstons pale ale 500ml for 99p spotted in store this morning.…IEW
Its a great beer but it's always been this price at my local
Is it like hoegaarden?
It's in the Peterborough (Stanground) store as well. They also have a German pilsner for 99p, really nice but disappears from the shelves quickly!
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Is it like hoegaarden?

more like a nicer erdinger

more like a nicer erdinger

Bang on. It's a tasty Barvarian wheat beer, and always best from the bottle.
I find Hoegaarden far too sweet.

Going to try to grab a dozen or so of these, they are delicious.
Like other have said, these have been in my local stores (Carnforth and Morecambe) for months now and always plenty of stock. I love my wheat beer, and while it's not as good as something like Schneider-Weisse, its certainly has a lot more flavour than Erdinger. For the price, it's hard to beat, that's for sure!

I think it's also usually £1.25 too so not voting either way as it's not a particularly 'hot' deal, however if it helps people out who weren't aware of it that's what the site is all about!
Lovely beer this is! They are actually £1.25 but still a great price for a lovely Weiss bier!
great beer
spotted in York
Always buy a few bottles of this every time I visit Aldi. Great beer.
Nothing beats a cold Hoegaarden!
Wishaw store has this beer, cracking tipple
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99p southport
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