Scholl Hyra Shoes £8.99 at Home Bargains (£26 in Boots)

Scholl Hyra Shoes £8.99 at Home Bargains (£26 in Boots)

Found 29th Jan 2011
Scholl Hyra Shoes £8.99 at Home Bargains (£26 in Boots)

The Scholl HydraStep® available to order now here is a comfortable lightweight sandal that contains a special moisturising gel which nourishes the skin while you walk . The gel in the sole of the sandal is infused with gentle natural emollients, vitamin E and a delicate fragrance.

The Scholl HydraStep features a soft and breathable bamboo charcoal textile insole, anatomically shaped footbed and anti-slip sole for comfortable walking. The sandals are also water resistant and available in a range of colours including black, white and fuchsia.

thanks to ponymad on mse for this fab spot
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Scholl offer over 100 years of experience in providing expert care for the feet, with Dr William Mathias Scholl forming the company in 1904. He devoted his entire life to improving comfort by treating the feet to the highest level of care and attention. These days Scholl continues his fine work and offers a giddying range of footcare products and shoes to keep the feet, and in turn the rest of the body, in perfect comfort and health.

They are at the forefront of podiatric research, with the Scholl footwear team having created the innovative Orthaheel technology and they are the brand name behind the Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research at Salford University in the UK.

However it’s not just the health of the feet which get to benefit from Scholl’s dedication, as they are also not too bad at design, providing stylish shoes and sandals with a huge range of styles. Known as Doctor Scholl (Dr Scholl) in the States, they sell their foot care products the world over, and are one of the most easily recognisable and well respected foot care brands.

Famed for their healthy foot products to eliminate nasty smells and remove hard skin, they have recently taken this a step further and have produced a range of casual everyday sandals with an added healthy twist. This summer their mules have an extra kick, albeit a really soft one. Their Scholl Hydra Step sandals actually moisturise the feet whilst you walk.
The Hydra Step
Stylish Scholl shoes spark sexy soft soled sandal sales surge?
The Scholl Hydra Step sandal – moisturise your feet while you walk

Scholl Hydra Step® sandals are one of the most innovative shoes for women on the market, for not only are these summer sandals incredibly comfortable to wear but they give your feet a moisturising massage whilst you walk. The shoes contain a moisturising gel which is slowly released when walking to nourish the skin and keep the soles of the feet perfectly soft and smooth.

The pressure exerted from the feet when walking causes the release of their specially formulated moisturising gel where it is needed most. The areas of your feet which are prone to developing hard skin are the areas where the most pressure is exerted. Each person is different, and the walking gait for some will result in hard skin forming on the heel, whilst for others it will form on the ball of the foot or the toes. With the Scholl Hydrastep®, the greater the pressure, the greater the moisturising effect, and it will work hard to prevent these areas being troublesome.

Of course, your feet won’t be slopping and slipping in all that moisturiser as the gel gently infuses into the skin so you won’t notice the difference when you walk. But after wearing the shoes for only a short while you will certainly notice the difference it makes to the soles of your feet.

Not only will the shoes moisturise with natural emollients and vitamin E, but they will also give your feet a wonderful fragrance with all of the compounds fully dermatologically tested according to Scholl’s exacting standards.

The shoes are constructed from soft and supple water-resistant EVA rubber and feature a bamboo charcoal textile insole for comfort. Available in black, white and fuchsia they are sure to go with virtually all of your summer outfits.
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