Scholl Rolling Back Massager DR1136UK normally £59.99 only £25.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

Scholl Rolling Back Massager DR1136UK normally £59.99 only £25.99 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

Found 4th Apr 2009
Highly rated by the people who but this product. Cheapest it has ever been on Amazon.
Scholl are experts in foot health and comfort since 1904, the name Scholl is synonymous with feet and foot care in over 70 countries throughout the world.
Now that Scholl is over 100 years old it's no surprise that Scholl is regarded as the specialist in foot health, offering a wide range of advanced foot care treatments which are designed to pamper, protect and prevent- providing you total foot health solutions from the specialist that is Scholl.
Product Features
Full-back rolling massage
Adjustable straps to fit any chair
Water-resistant finish
Moveable headrest
Hand held control
Product Statement:
Whether you are seeking a purposeful remedial massager for a specific ache or strain, looking to relax and have some fun with a high quality body massager or whether you just want to unwind after a long day on your feet with a soothing foot spa; the Scholl range has something for everyone.

Transform any chair into a quality massager; great for relaxing your back muscles and relieving tension build up. Full-back Rolling Massage massages from the base of your back up to your neck without leaving your home or office; giving a deep and satisfying massage anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Hand Held Control
Allows user to stop/start massage easily and comfortably

Leather Look/Feel Material
High quality appeal - suitable for many interiors.
Great way to upgrade office chairs at home or at work

Adjustable Straps
To fit any chair
Water-resistant Finish
Moveable Headrest
Can be moved to allow better massage around the neck area.

Box Contents
Rolling Back Massager
Adjustable straps
Hand held control
Mains adaptor.
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5* review from 5 people also... nice find!

Been looking at the Homedics ones for my mum but too expensive but this looks like it will hit the spot.
Just ordered! this is £58 at ASDA so bargain at this price.
I bought one like this - it's really good but then I tried out the homedics one and was blown away by it. With this one you have to do a lot of moving about for it to hit the right spot but the homedics one just feels more comfortable and it's easier to just sti back and enjoy it.

Still, at this price, this is hot!
Is this on a cd or dvd Andy?:whistling: :thumbsup:
good price, argos were doing this for around £50 before xmas. However I sent mine back within a few days, the rolling massage was rubbish, it pushed your back up rather than massage, and was noisy. Plus the neck pad is next to worthless. You'll probably use it twice and then be looking for the receipt. Anyway those were the issues I found with it,, but for the price it might benefit someone.

Is this on a cd or dvd Andy?:whistling: :thumbsup:


Is this on a cd or dvd Andy?:whistling: :thumbsup:

BluRay boxset I think :thumbsup:
there's a bad review via ciao. makes u wonder if the comments are real on amazon?…749

It looks like it also just rolls up and down instead of kneading also.

If anyone got one can they pls share how good this works pls, compared to the homedics which costs a bit more but seems like it can actually hit deeper. Hate to sound fussy but I do like my massages strong!

Is this on a cd or dvd Andy?:whistling: :thumbsup:

Made my day. nice one
My wife suffers from aching back quite a lot.

This will hit the spot (hopefully)

Ordered and voted hot

[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=3]I've ordered this one but just found the [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=3]HoMedics Therapist Select SBM210 Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion reduced to £30 in my local NETTO! is it easy enough to return stuff to Amazon???

*The HoMedics one has been reduced to £37.99 from £119.99 on Amazon now.......
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