Scholl wood sandals (old kind your Nan had with a buckle) £7.99 @ Home Bargains

Scholl wood sandals (old kind your Nan had with a buckle) £7.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 13th Mar 2009Made hot 18th Mar 2009
Scholl (Old school) wooden sandals. Leather strap with a buckle. In PINK! Similar seen on Scholl site for £30.00

Ideal for Mother's Day (I would have liked a pair if I hadn't got some at Christmas)


Memories - does anyone else remember the pain these caused when your foot slipped out of place and you put your weight on the sharp edges?

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I remember how they felt on my bottom :-( be a crime now, 1 way to shut her up if she moans about not getting some for Mother's day. Get to court cuz I am sueing you lol.

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They have them in pink and yellow today. Scholl originals!

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The box says "For Boots" so Home Bargain have stolen Boots shipment lol

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Well I got mine

I dont know about my nan, but I'm 35 & I wore them as a kid, loved them, but remembered them bein very slippy, might have to get a pair if only for nostalgia

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Thats what I did, put them on for 10 mins and stuffed them back in the box. Feel very strange now.


I tried some on instore today and they were pretty uncomfortable-I broke 2 toes last year and they no longer bend so it's partly my fault I can't wear them lol. Good buy though if you can wear them ok. x
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