School velvet smooth express pedi instore at Asda

School velvet smooth express pedi instore at Asda

Found 26th Mar 2014
Cheapest express pedi anywhere. Only avail eat asda!
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Please give a price
My psychic radar seems to be off line...
No price and full of errors. Has to be ice cold for being a lazy post.

Please give a price

Closest I can find to think it could be is this.
You lot are awful......................but I loves you
Price is twenty pounds
Don't buy. I've done research on it. It's harsh on your feet.
what is that ?
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Hard skin remover for feet
I suffer really bad with hard skin especially on my heels.
Bought one of these last week from Groupon and I think it's great. Have used it 3 times and my feet feel much better already.
Forgot to say it was 19.99 delivered.
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