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Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 - Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 2GB, 80GB, Grade B - £59.00 @ SCH Trade - 77 in stock
Found 18th Jun 2013Found 18th Jun 2013
Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 - Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 2GB, 80GB, Grade B - £59.00 @ SCH Trade - 77 in stock
*************************** UPDATED 02/07/13 - 13.41: ************************************** More in stock (20 various)… Read more
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My user name has now been changed (thanks to HUKD admin) so I would expect to receive PM. Please will you re-send? Thanks


The grade C's are a gamble, I bought an HP 6930p grade C for £45 delivered - when it was delivered I opened the box, plugged in my Win 7 USB stick, switched the laptop on and I was on the Internet within 20 mins with a 4 hour battery life. Clearly I was very lucky, the 6930p has worked perfectly since it arrived - it was missing the rubber feet (£6) and one of the keys on the keyboard (£4). Other than that the lid has a couple of dents and that was all. Previously I bought a 6910p grade B and it was in excellent condition, and its also worked perfect since it arrived. The grade C took a couple of weeks to arrive as they'd advertised it before the stock was available, but I contacted them and they apologised for the delay, but I was happy just to wait. Might buy another one of the 6910p/6930p's for my daughter as well.


I think it's your username has prevented it from going through. Send me a PM and I'll reply back as I cant seem to find your name in the users list.


[Steve&Chrissie - you have a P.M. worth reading ;) No PMs listed for us (me)? Please will you re-send. Thanks Steve


Yes, but it pretty well all came from one source. You can't expect there to be an expert hanging around here for every single laptop model.

Used HP Monitor for £25! - SCH Trade - Free delivery!
Found 28th May 2013Found 28th May 2013
Used HP Monitor for £25! - SCH Trade - Free delivery!
If you are looking for a second PC Monitor then this is a really good price! They seem to be used by a lot of businesses and they are well built. Note: As far as I can tell from… Read more

I have also had one of these fail at work, shame as it was quite a good monitor until then.


Awful resolution. 1280x1024. Pity even the 19 inch isn't a bit higher.


There is a known issue with bad capacitors on this monitor, I've had a few fail on me in work. As the monitors are likely over 5 years old, there's a very good chance they will fail with the next year. Steer clear


Nice one. Ordered the 19".


I'd have a 19" if I needed one but sadly I have enough monitors

Lenovo X61 7674 4GB DDR2 RAM 2GHZ 80GB HDD VISTA KEY £72 @ SCH TRADE
Found 14th May 2013Found 14th May 2013
Lenovo X61 7674 4GB DDR2 RAM 2GHZ 80GB HDD VISTA KEY £72 @ SCH TRADE
No power supply or OS but with a VISTA key likely on the bottom. If I had the time I'd have bought these 3 in stock, installed Windows and flogged them on. I already have one of th… Read more
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I stand corrected. Mine came with 4GB of DDR2 so I hadn't really shopped around, I just saw a few prices in the region. However, the point I was trying to make is still valid, i.e. the laptop - £28 for the DDR2 is £44.00 aka a steal, surely. Anyway, I'm happy with mine and the thread that I referenced has a healthy community of people, delighted with their purchases and enjoying the benefits that an X61 has to offer, myself included (although mine is even better value as it is this type with the bigger RAM)


No. You can get 2x2GB from Cex for £32 or on eBay for £28. Anyone paying £70 deserves what he gets.


I'll just get my tissues. 2 o'clock in the morning, I'm sure that's when most do their laptop buying, unprompted by a deal on HUKD. Those are 2GB RAM but still a deal, the 2GB ones went 322 degrees. The ones with 4GB as posted, only three, got 520 last time. Annoyed I couldn't get PayPal to o through to get one myself but glad to have helped someone else.


back in stock here 26 left


Same as last time then. Minimum stock, goes quickly, dead deal. Yawn....

[Refurbished] Lenovo ThinkPad T61 - Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 1GB Ram £71.24 @SCHTrade
Found 11th May 2013Found 11th May 2013
[Refurbished] Lenovo ThinkPad T61 - Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 1GB Ram £71.24 @SCHTrade
Grade "B" (grade guide: refurbished Thinkpad T61 TECHNICAL Optical Storage CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo MEMORY RAM 1GB Hard Drive Capacity 80GB PR… Read more
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Still using my £80 lappy I bought from them just before I posted this deal, only problem I've had is with the original ram module soon as it was removed problem solved!


Bought two laptops Grade B from these guys in the past. Was perfectly happy with them -- as described. Will be buying from them again when this laptop (which I bought from them, that I'm currently using) eventually gives up the ghost.


Yep I received mine today (still not the charger mind...) and it looks almost new only signs of wear are on the external lid with some deep scratches but I can easily replace that for about £15 from eBay overall I'm very pleased :3


There were problems with early nVidia models overheating and cutting out, so swings and roundabouts, I suppose. I picked up one of the 160GB models with 2GB ram at this price. The unit was very clean - must have spent all of its life in a dock. Absolutely no wear on the keys that I could see. The only marks noticeable were key imprints on the screen that can only be noticed when the screen is switched off and the serial number sticker on the base was starting to peel off. The screen resolution of 1280x800 looks crisp and fine on this 14" unit - although I wouldn't want it on a 15" notebook. Another nice thing is that the screen is decently bright. It must have been used in clamshell mode attached to an external display most of its working life. The fan is quiet unless the notebook is tipped up from horizontal, then it can rattle a bit. Overall, I am even happier with this than the x61 I bought earlier.


Just picked up a dock for this model from eBay less than £20 quid, bargain! and it includes a DVI port HD video here I come! there's cheaper but this is the only one that specifically mentions the model number as compatible :D

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 for £33.51 Grade C, but cheap as chips @ Schtrade
Found 5th Apr 2013Found 5th Apr 2013
Lenovo ThinkPad X61 for £33.51 Grade C, but cheap as chips @ Schtrade
Lenovo ThinkPad X61, these are better than netbooks. Some others on the site with lower specs and higher price. 36 in stock.
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tho this is over 2 weeks old i'll post in it any ways, you never know what you will get with a grade C (and not just talking about working or non working talking about even the laptop you order lol), i ordered a grade C t60 (1.83 dual core 1gb ddr 2 60gb hd) for £30.50 down to £27.45 with the 10% off code, what i got was a t400 with no hd 1gb ddr 3 not sure about the cpu as either it wont power up cos its grade c or the battery is totally dead *witch they not meant to send totally dead battery's but nor should they of sent something worth more than the order but im not complaining about it to them lol* (and i dont see the point in taking it all apart to check the cpu specs until i try the "just needs power route"), (ordered a charger for £5.25 to check, and got a spare HD if thats the only problem with it, than £27.45 + £5.25 for the charger was a great deal, and if not might be an easy fix if not will go on ebay and will at going rate for t400 spares of repairs get around £50 back after fees and shipping) *and no not posting prove, since its not worth doing* (since even if i did prove it, its unlikely schtrade makes mistakes like this much)


Got a grade C with 6 screws missing in the bottom; loose keyboard and mouse pad because no screws were holding them; and no hard drive; no hard drive cover and screws. I had a spare laptop with faulty motherboard and fixed my laptop.


X60/X61 are still cracking laptops and will kill any Netbook, I have an X60 with SSD, 3Gb of ram, windows 8 and it flys. I'm gonna take a chance on the grade c cheers op.


No offence taken. I don't deny the stories of C grade are very good condition with little work needed but the problem is you just don't know what you are going to get and I think most would rather get the assurance of a working unit with minor cosmetic issues. If SCH had images of the laptop or an indication of the apparent faults then I'd say this thread could go scortching, sadly without any idea what is wrong for £35 it could be as much again to repair the faults when for the money you can get a grade B. Personally, I'm thinking of getting one myself to fix some of the faults on my X61. Depending on the condition I've got a few possible ideas after I've got the bits I need. - bung it off for the price I paid on ebay or gumtree - offer it or bits of it to the people in my own x61 deals threads that need replacement bits - service it back to working condition and sell for a few quids profit. I feel a bit sorry for the OP to be honest as this is the first cold deal they have posted in 4 years, not a bad track record.


I've bought heaps of grade c and they have all worked. They usually have had cosmetic faults such as cracks. Got a dell e6400 with hard drive for £35 grade c. Had a german keyboard was only fault - now have a laptop that goes for over £120 on ebay for under £50 with PSU and new uk keyboard. This site is full of people only too happy to spout off about things they know nothing about (wasn't directing that at you astec - we were writing at the same time - you certainly make a good point). If you are prepared to do a bit of work installing an os etc these are a bargain. There are no guarantees obviously, but my experience has always been good. I've never lost out selling them on anyway.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 12" notebook (Grade B) - SCH Trade - £66.79 - 2gb RAM 80Gb hdd (With Code)
Found 26th Mar 2013Found 26th Mar 2013
IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 12" notebook (Grade B) - SCH Trade - £66.79 - 2gb RAM 80Gb hdd (With Code)
SCH Trade have dropped their price on pretty much every B grade notebook they stock. I managed to sell out their stock of these in 2 previous posts, so for anyone still wanting wha… Read more

No idea, never had to request one. There have been a couple of people discussing replacement DOA batteries on the other thread linked to below in the past few days. May I suggest anyone with any questions about their machine has a look at the older thread and asks any questions there. There are a lot more people subscribed to it and most have received their units so can probably provide a lot of help to anyone in need of it. The Best thread on HotUKDeals to go to for asking about the X61


Any idea how long they take to sent out a replacement? I've been on to them about the DOA battery I've just got with a T61 but no reply so far.


Further to my previous post... I ordered a B Grade T61 and the battery is DOA (first dead one they have sent me, so I went and talked that one in...). I've not had to contact their CS before, but I've emailed them about it and hope they will send a replacement battery without fuss.


Shipped (TNT)


Great post, I ordered one with just 2 units left! Noodler, how do you work out the wear level of the battery? Cheers

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad  X61 7674  12" notebook (Grade B) - SCH Trade - £66.79 - 2gb RAM 80Gb hdd (With Code)
Found 17th Mar 2013Found 17th Mar 2013
IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 12" notebook (Grade B) - SCH Trade - £66.79 - 2gb RAM 80Gb hdd (With Code)
SCH Trade have dropped their price on pretty much every B grade notebook they stock. I managed to sell out their stock of another model in yesterdays deal, so for anyone still want… Read more
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Haha, I doubt that cheeky sod, if anything the site was keeping SCH in business the amount of units the place helps shift. Taking into consideration this thread and it's sister thread on the same weekend helped to shift over 500 of their stock of x61's alone, I'd say they could do with dropping the prices back down to where they used to be. Then when you consider all the other previous threads of SCH stuff I'd say we help them make a tidy profit from all the people posting up deals. Just a shame they no longer offer that good of a price on most of their stock as I'd be more than happy to help them sell it all off with threads like this one to guide users from start to finish. None the less I'll stick to my £40 X200 ;) As to the prices a working X200 can be had for £130 when looking in the right places with some minor cosmetic issues including a working battery, OS installed and the charger and another £15 would get you one with no real faults at all. So SCC trades offer of one for £95 with a possibly dud battery (everyone knows a replacement in most cases is required), requirement to get a decent charger, install windows and the drivers seems a bit on the expensive side for what is a barebones machine.


The perils of supply and demand. I totally blame those who drew HUKD's attention to cheap notebooks. :)


The comment was meant by way of comparison to how much the X200 used to go for on their site.... aka the same price as the X61's used to. The rebrand appears to have been used to increase the prices across the board.


A tad harsh. Not sure anyone else is offering the X200 for under a ton anywhere. Not even eBay. Price in CEX is over £200, albeit with a charger. The 160GB is probably worth waiting for as it is a 7200rpm HD, I think the 80GB is a slower drive.


I fully accept the SSD route, but I'd rather have double the space in a drive I can put in a caddy. the 160gb ones are the most regular ones to appear so well worth keeping an eye out for. This is very true. Even with a sale SCC are quite average value for money.

IBM X61 12" notebook - SCH Trade - £66.79 - 4gb RAM 80Gb hdd £66.79 @ Schtrade
Found 16th Mar 2013Found 16th Mar 2013
IBM X61 12" notebook - SCH Trade - £66.79 - 4gb RAM 80Gb hdd £66.79 @ Schtrade
SCH Trade have dropped their price on pretty much every B grade notebook they stock. Pick of the bunch for me that I've just picked up an X61 for £66.79. To get the price just do t… Read more

There is at least one user reporting success with Win8 install, and there are Win8 drivers from Lenovo, so it should work. I suggest you use an ISO from the links in the first post.


just installed win7.unfortunately win 8 not able to install.


***************************************************************************************************************************************************** For anyone wanting to continue discussion or asking for help please can you post in the following thread so that everything's in one place. Additionally I wont be updating the guide first post on this thread. *****************************************************************************************************************************************************


thanks i have tried another with different windows version and now it looks like taking win 7 instead win 8. i will let you know guys while it finished.thanks


Have you seen post 179 here:

SCH Trade - HP Compaq 6910p - Core 2 Duo, 2.5GHz, 4GB, 160GB, Grade B - Possibly £88.44 with 10% off code - £98.27 before discount
Found 7th Mar 2013Found 7th Mar 2013
SCH Trade - HP Compaq 6910p - Core 2 Duo, 2.5GHz, 4GB, 160GB, Grade B - Possibly £88.44 with 10% off code - £98.27 before discount
Decent laptops with the follwing specs: Core 2 Duo, 2.5GHz 4GB RAM 160GB Hard Drive You will need to install an O/S and buy a power supply (theses can be picked up for approx £1… Read more

If you get a completely dead battery with a Grade B laptop, they'll usually send out another if you contact them. I'd consider getting anything lasting more than an hour or so as a bonus though. Regarding installing an OS, there'll probably be a Vista Business COA sticker on the base (Vista's not too bad with 4GB RAM if you apply SP2 and install IE9) - just download a Vista .iso from the web, burn it to a DVD, boot from it to install the OS, and enter the code from the COA to activate.


Can you use the windows COA on the machine to activate a fresh install?


Currently out of stock


I recently got a Grade B Lenovo T61 from SCH and the battery was completely useless it wouldn't charge at all - they may as well not have included it. Maybe I was unlucky. I got an unbranded one from Ebay for about £16 the charge on this one lasts about 2 hours. Hope this is useful info.


I wonder what the battery life on these are like (does it hold charge)

PORT Designs Laptop Bag (Grade B) £4.99 @ Schtrade
Found 28th Feb 2013Found 28th Feb 2013
PORT Designs Laptop Bag (Grade B) £4.99 @ Schtrade
Manufacturer: PORT Designs Model: PORT Designs SKU: 270 MPN: 202308 Stock: 26

Both of them were new, with labels still on, and in plastic wrap - but I can't say for sure that every one they have is like that.


I'm thinking about getting one, you said you brought 2. were they both new?


Sorry for the late reply - I don't know measurements of the bag, but says 15.6" EDIT: says on the label, 390x280x40mm It looks like this one:


Ashe what size were they?


Bought 2 last week, they were new.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 - Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 4GB, 80GB, Grade B £88.00 @ SCH Trade
Found 11th Feb 2013Found 11th Feb 2013
Lenovo ThinkPad X61 7674 - Core 2 Duo, 2GHz, 4GB, 80GB, Grade B £88.00 @ SCH Trade
Although the RAM is ddr2 it is 4 gb so probably no need to upgrade comes without charger(cheap in ebay) or operating system( you may get the sticker with the key of vista) fully te… Read more

No probs and good news your sorted out! :D


That worked a treat - cheers!


You might want to consider trying out the following approach but do so at your own risk. T61/X61 SATA II 1.5 Gb/s cap - willing to pay for a solution - Page 80


Has anyone else encountered problems flashing the Middleton BIOS onto their x61? It requires a 32-bit XP installation to flash from within Windows (which I'm not currently running), and the bootable ISO gives me a 'no CD-ROM drive found' error. I've tried two different optical drives connected via different USB interfaces, and I get the same error from both,


Well the Grade C T400 ThinkPad came through today (at last!) and it's a complete mess - LCD is cracked, the Lid Hinges have gone, etc, etc...thankfully the motherboard is working and that's just been successfully transferred into my mate's T400 TP, so he's back up & running again. Either way I'm happy with it, especially as a replacement motherboard would have cost a lot more off of eBay UK. :D

More in stock. Lenovo ThinkPad T400 6475 - Core 2 Duo, 2.26GHz, 1GB, 80GB, Grade B, No OS, No adapter £77.28 @ SCHtrade
LocalLocalFound 11th Feb 2013Found 11th Feb 2013
More in stock. Lenovo ThinkPad T400 6475 - Core 2 Duo, 2.26GHz, 1GB, 80GB, Grade B, No OS, No adapter £77.28 @ SCHtrade
More in stock!! Even cheaper than previous stock. No OS, No charger/adapter Lenovo ThinkPad T400 6475 - Core 2 Duo, 2.26GHz, 1GB, 80GB, Grade B, no OS for £77.28 including VAT o… Read more

Thanks as you rightly said it is pairing iphone 4s so no laptop problem I am looking into forums thanks


As you are probably aware Nexus 4/Android 4.2 has a known issue with Bluetooth pairing. I can only suggest you take yourself over to Google Nexus-based and Android forums and see what resolutions they are offering - it might take a bit of time to make it work, but will happen if you are tenacious. However, I doubt very much that the BT functionality has any problems on the laptop end. But, for troubleshooting I would recommend that you try to pair another device like an old phone/headset etc. that has BT to your laptop to make sure that it is configured properly and working as intended. You would have at the very least eliminated or solved one part of the equation...


I am strugling to get bluetooth paired to my nexus 4 in windows 7, downloaded all drivers through lenovo installer, bluetooth light is on, when pluged usb driver installed . trying to add a device after activation it doesnt show, help appreciated


I have used numerous Thinkpads from the T, R and X range and still own the best out of the range and discarded the rest. They all have their ups/downs, but generally solid build quality, good keyboard and all-round performers. This is one of the good examples, albeit definitely not portable and too heavy even without the battery - it is best used as an alternative desktop. Also, mine cost a hell of a lot more than the one in this deal. The keyboard, screen and speakers are good. Although, it all depends your specs and how much you can get out of it - but it should perform pretty well with W7 x64 or x86. To find out what is inside your machine and go about making it work - you need to do the following: 1. Go to the link below and choose the Laptop section and go through the driver matrix to enter the number found at the bottom of your lappy, should be a Type: 4-digit number. followed by the model no. which is a 3 digit/character (alpha-numeric). Once you have chosen your OS - you should be able to see all the info on what it was originally specified with and download drivers/updates etc. 2. Don't waste your time to download individual drivers, but instead install the System Update Utility (on version 5 at present) which will allow you to chose and download all the updates based on your machine and give you a lot more control - makes life a whole lot easier, trust me! 3. If you chose wisely - then you won't have some useless services and utilities running and giving you some free RAM as a result. If you installed a version of W7 it is best to turn-off some the services that are not required. This thing works best with at least 4GB of RAM and with the OS tweaked to make the most of it. If you want to know a little bit more about the details of memory, storage devices etc. without a screw-driver - a good basic utility that has served me really well over the years. SIW: - download the old build (1029) for free.


Anyone manage to find a good seller on ebay for chargers? I bought mine off some dude 10 days ago, still haven't received it. Thanks.

Refurbished grade B HP EliteBook 8440p Core i5 2.40Ghz, 4GB Ram,250GB Hdd,Dvd Rom
Found 8th Jan 2013Found 8th Jan 2013
Refurbished grade B HP EliteBook 8440p Core i5 2.40Ghz, 4GB Ram,250GB Hdd,Dvd Rom
Refurbished business laptops at SCh trade. Very costly new. No operating system - ourhome

Battery Life : 1hr Max



No OS but will come with a Win7 COA sticker so just get a Win7 DVD and off you go great buy imho EliTom


WOW. It even has "HDMI port to transfer files quickly" HeHeHe :)

barga5n.h4nter still plenty of stock

Dell Latitude D420 refurbished laptop £69.60 @ SCH Trade
Found 24th Dec 2012Found 24th Dec 2012
Dell Latitude D420 refurbished laptop £69.60 @ SCH Trade
Ok it's a few years old but still a capable little laptop which received very good reviews when released at £1300. It's a grade B product so no operating system or adapter but 60 G… Read more
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Both D420 & D430's will run Windows 7, the only issue being disk speed as they use 1.8" PATA drives. You can get 1.8" PATA SSD's but they aren't as cheap as 2.5" SATA drives, although there is a spare Mini PCI-e slot on the 430's (And I think the 420's but cannot be 100% sure) I would think you could get a mPCI-e SSD in the slot to help things along. The ULV Core 2 Duo CPU's absolutely trash Atom CPU's on number crunching.


I've bought 3 laptops from them, all supposedly grade B. One was pushing on grade B and two hardly grade C. Badly scratched, missing or loose screws, cracked battery, cracked cabinet parts, loose hinge, missing speaker net, very dirty. It looks like they refurbish them with random parts they can get, different speeds of RAM, HDD with bad sectors. It's really not worth it. They are business grade laptops and most are used to end of life. IMHO better spend little more and buy budget laptop.


The D420 is available for £58 on page 2


Charger available here:


Weren't these £58 the other day?

LENOVO X60 Laptop - Grade C - £37 @ SCH-Trade
Found 23rd Dec 2012Found 23rd Dec 2012
LENOVO X60 Laptop - Grade C - £37 @ SCH-Trade
Now....before this deal becomes encased under several sheets of ice, gimme a second to explain. Yes, it's about 5 years old. Yes, it's Grade C = it has NO WARRANTY, NO SUPPORT, NO… Read more
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Don't let the barstewards get you down OP!


These are great laptops, as powerful as atom netbooks, and far better constructed. You are taking a gamble on the condition, but the ones I have had have all worked. Last time I reply to trolls I promise myself.


They tell you what processor is in them so while your post is informative I'm not sure the point of it?


I would always rather go for a decent 2nd user laptop that is a little bit older than a budget current model. (Depending on what I needed it for I might go for a new one but it would be from a premium / business range every time.) Easy way to check if you are buying an Intel laptop is whether it has vpro. And if it has Nvidia Discrete Graphics it will be a Quadro not a Geforce. (ATI will be something similar but I don't know off the top of my head what it will be labelled as). You will also be more likely to be able to get parts if you need them for it. (Especially if the 2nd user one is a Thinkpad oi Semi rugged Panasonic Toughbook). Tierone online is quite good for this sort of thing. There are Thinkpads that are still pretty powerful that are around with a 1920x1200 Matte screen.


Why what? He who post's ambiguous quotes is usually talking bolloxs

Quality Grade B Laptops at SCHTrade for around £110, plenty available
Found 21st Dec 2012Found 21st Dec 2012
Quality Grade B Laptops at SCHTrade for around £110, plenty available
SCH Trade, who we have seen deals from before have lots of grade B Elitebook 6930p's for around £110. There are vary specs but an example is:- HP EliteBook 6930p - Intel Core 2 Du… Read more

A couple of 6930p laptops have appeared again on this site.


Cheers! :)


Six laptops and two desktops. AS long as you can burn an Image on a disc you can install this :)


ok for the price adapters easy enough to come accross on fleabay and yeah they are decently made


Thanks - was that install on a laptop? As I'm considering getting one of these HP's for the OH.

MiPow Apple iPad Juice Cover - Black w/ Built-in 6000mAh Backup Battery -  SCHtrade -  £23.64
Found 15th Dec 2012Found 15th Dec 2012
MiPow Apple iPad Juice Cover - Black w/ Built-in 6000mAh Backup Battery - SCHtrade - £23.64
Might be useful to those with iPad 2. Seems to be a cover and integrated 6000mAh battery for iPad 2. Condition described as new. Bit of a niche product, but retails for over £80 on… Read more

So you've tried this exact brand? I don't think they were originally sold as a cheap battery. Be interested to see your benchmarks.


no he is right actually, these cheap batteries far over rate their batteries because they know most consumers can't be bothered to test and trace it back, in reality this will probably have around 2000-3000 mah capacity battery.


The iPad 2 has a total battery capacity of 6944 mAh. Not 3 times that. If you are going to try and trash other people's threads at least get your facts right.


How do you figure?


I would stay clear of these. They specify a 6000 mAh battery, while the iPad 2 has 3 6800 mAh batteries. So with a bit of conversion loss, you can only expect a battery life increase of 25%, not 70% as advertised. It is obviously a fraudulent product, being offloaded for cheap now.

Found 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
Avatardeleted117705Get dealGet deal

I believe that all of these elitebooks are still covered by HP's onsite warranty. I had one (grade C) with a duff backlight in the screen and HP fixed it no question. All i needed was the serial number and the address of where the machine was to be fixed.


That puts things into perspective: Similar or perhaps better spec laptop for the same price with everything installed, a better warranty and a charger. I like Elitebooks, but these machines are starting to look a little expensive. The must have about 40 for sale; it'll be interesting to see how they sell.


There is no OEM license differences on W7, unlike XP there isn't a difference between an OEM license and a Retail license other than the paperwork. The retail disc will work fine.


Hey smr1 Yes i tried their FTP site, thanks very much for the suggestion. I've tried third party drivers but they don't work either. It's a 6 year old travelmate but with 1680x1050, bluetooth,wifi,dvi,firewire,pci-express,dvdram, I couldn't resist it. These types of laptops are built to last. It's now got 4GB and a 1TB drive and is my media centre, for now at least! Thanks again


At last a few people who do have some idea of what they are talking about - others just comparing it on spec alone who obviously haven't a clue about this type of laptop (or why they are so much more expensive).

Dell Optiplex 745 Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz, 1GB Ram,160GB HDD,DVD, XP Pro OEM, Grade B - No OS - £50.00 delivered @ SCH Trade
Found 15th Nov 2012Found 15th Nov 2012
Dell Optiplex 745 Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz, 1GB Ram,160GB HDD,DVD, XP Pro OEM, Grade B - No OS - £50.00 delivered @ SCH Trade
Last deal got expired. Back in stock now if anyone wanted one. Good little units these, just been reduced in price to £50 delivered. Have had one in the office for years and it ju… Read more

I've got 30 at work, I'll pull one apart and see what can / can't be done :)


Damn, good point - I thought there was a smaller version, more rounded off, but they're earlier versions than this one - my bad, a shame really.


I have a 745 SFF and it’s pretty decent, it has a PCI and PIC-E x16 slot. The USFF models on the other hand cant really be upgraded, no expansion slots so you cant add a dedicated graphics card or tv tuner card etc and you’ll be stuck with onboard Intel GMA video. I will say though the SFF I have runs quite hot and dumps all of its processor heat over the PCI and PCI-E cards so if you install a graphics card get one that’s fan cooled.


The ones in the link are USFF though.


I checked the specs for the Optiplex 745 SFF and it claims there is a low profile PCI-E x16 slot (The USFF version doesn't have any slots) so you may be able to fit a cheap nVidia 210 for HTPC purposes - Openelec 2 should fly on something with this spec. Link to the Dell specs for this -

Dell Optiplex 745 Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz, 1GB Ram,160GB HDD,DVD, XP Pro OEM, Grade B - No OS - £50.00 delivered @ SCH Trade
Found 12th Nov 2012Found 12th Nov 2012
Dell Optiplex 745 Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz, 1GB Ram,160GB HDD,DVD, XP Pro OEM, Grade B - No OS - £50.00 delivered @ SCH Trade
Good little units these, just been reduced in price to £50 delivered. Have had one in the office for years and it just keeps going. Apart from ram and hard drive have no real upgr… Read more

The point to me is that the power pack sits behind the desk out of sight, so is pretty irrelevant how big it is. BTW for anyone reading who read the other comment from someone else about the power pack being 2xbox 360s, it is actually 20cm x10cm x 5cm. 2 x xbox 360 = 60 x 50 x 8. Maybe he meant a dvd case.


Sorrry, the deal is now expired. If I were looking for a basic PC which is still fast enough I'd go for one of these: for £74. Has a decently fast core 2 duo processor, and uses DDR3 Ram, so cheap to upgrade, even to 8gb, only a bit over £20. Also has some expandability, as it has a (low profile) pci x16 slot. Also has digital video out in the form of a display port, which you can get a dvi adapter for cheaply. I have one, and I put an ssd in it and it is very speedy. You probably won't just be able to swap your old hard drive into this if you are running windows, as I doubt it would work. It would need a re-install. To do it legally you'd need a vista business dvd, or you can download the iso and put it on a flash drive.


can't find this deal on the site. anyone got a direct link? if you had £100 to spend and already had a monitor and hdd with os, what setup would you get from them?


Firstly, whatever Secondly, nowhere did I say you said retro - I was referring to you calling it a 'power pack'. Which I've not heard it called in twenty years, and so in my opinion the term 'Power Pack' is retro.. Question is back to you then - do you have your glasses on? :p Yes, apples and oranges. The HP is over twice the size of the Dell. Even with the (admittedly big) PSU. It's like comparing the price/capabilities of a normal tower PC with the HP. I strangely have a DC7800 sat right infront of me, and a 745 in my van that I picked up the other day, and the 745 is a hell of a lot smaller than the DC7800, not just a tiny bit. It's like comparing the size of a Smart car, and a Fiesta, and coming to the conclusion that they're the same. They're both 'small cars'. But one is small, and one is very small, and aimed at a more niche audience.


Firstly not moaning, just informing people who might buy one of these as a space saver, only to find it comes with a huge psu Secondly, nowhere did I say "retro" - have you got your glasses on? :p not apples and oranges, dell and hp same sector: "small desktop pc's" The hp dc7800 at £70 is a small desktop with an internal psu, and much better value, much more modern, a better bet all round ok? :D