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Schuh ‘Imperfects’ reduced shoes - from £2.99
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Schuh ‘Imperfects’ reduced shoes - from £2.99

Posted 9th Mar 2018

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Schuh ‘Imperfects’ reduced shoes

Did you know about the ‘Imperfects' section on the Schuh site? It's where they put all the shoes that are ex-display or are otherwise not 100% pristine.

Schuh say: “The shoes that have suffered from a little too much interest come here to find forever homes. We reckon it's all character building stuff – some products here will have scuffs, discolouration and other individual quirks.”

Free delivery , returns are returners own cost. Most of these are grubby or marked from being tried in store. Or faded from being under the shops lights. A simple way is to match the shoes is to place the non faded shoe in a well bright window for a few weeks. Until the shoe is faded enough to match the other show.
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Looking at the men's stuff, the prices look like they've come down from "insulting" to simply "expensive".

I'll still pass.
Thanks, just bought a pair that were ‘discoloured’. Makes naff all difference as they’ll be covered in dirt within the first few minutes anyway, ideal
Student card holders get a further 10% discount too.
Looking at the men's stuff, the prices look like they've come down from "insulting" to simply "expensive".

I'll still pass.
These prices are still above what you could realistically buy them for if you didn't shop at Schuh
I hate the hipsters companies hire to write their crap these days. Couldn’t even get to the end without letting autocorrect take over their senses and rule their little fake moustache of a brain.
Ha ha there's a few on there I would've bought, except they are all well "imperfect". What the hell have they been doing with them? I've got shoes/ trainers that look better that are over 5 years old and only my manky feet have been in them!
wow this aint cheap! you can get brand new shoes for less than what there selling these imperfect ones for
It's the old Branch309 Unfortunately, when they moved their stock to the main Schuh website the prices went up!!
Office have a similar site too. Just in case people were not aware. Sure it's called something like office cuts but they have had a few good buys listed on there.
massively overpriced for the condition of some of them
The cheek of some consumers is shocking. Take a look at the white vans size 10, covered in mud and clearly well warn on inside (dirty socks). Why on earth do they accept returns in that state?!
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