Schuh Winter Sale NOW ON!

Schuh Winter Sale NOW ON!

Found 21st Dec 2006
My first post but i think its a great find! Schuh are a great shoe shop, selling many smart shoes, casual shoes, trainers and many more for both males and females. There are some very good discounts on the site so i would advise you to check them out. I'm sure in the coming days the instore sale will start to and i would check that out aswell if you are looking for a new pair or shoes or trainers.


Bumping this up as it is on now Thanks joecool22_11!!

Many thanks to OP, just ordered two pairs of decent mens shoes for the coming year....for a total of £62.99. Not bad considering they are good shoes and will last me a while.

And a merry christmas to all on the board.


And a merry christmas to all on the board.

To you too :santa:

Forgot to say, I had problems with the web page putting things in the basket, tried IE7 and firefox with no joy, but they have an order line you can phone and waited only about 2 minutes for a sales adivisor.
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