Schwalbe One Road Tyre V-Guard (700x23C Folding) - £24.99 @ CRC

Schwalbe One Road Tyre V-Guard (700x23C Folding) - £24.99 @ CRC

Found 17th Jun 2017
Nice weather for cyclists today. I have conti tyres on my giant, which have started to fall apart, and so have started to look around for a new pair. Hope this helps someone .
Schwalbe Schwalbe one Road Tyre - V-Guard

The name alone indicates how significant this new trye is for Schwalbe. It is the fastest and at the same time most reliable competition tyre they have ever made. It is manufactured in a separate facility built exclusively for the production of this new top-class tyre.

Size: ETRTO 23-622 (700x23C); 25-622 (700x25); 28-622 (700x28C)
Type: Folding
Compound: OneStar
Execution: Evo
Skin: Lite
Pressure: 85 - 145PSI (23c); 85 - 130 psi (25c); 85-115 psi (28c)
EPI: 127
Weight: 205g (23c); 225g (25c); 245g (28c)


V-GUARD: An extremely cut-resistant high-tech fibre makes it possible to ensure, even on very light tyres an extraordinary high level of puncture resistance. In combination with SnakeSkin sidewall protection, Schwalbe call it Double Defence Technology.
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Do you know is this tire has a tread or is it just a smooth surface? So basically is it any good in the rain?
It's slick - smooth. But from my experience if you are careful and don't attempt to cut corners or anything like that, you can ride fast with the thinnest, smoothest tires in a heavy rain and not have a fall. Generally speaking, all road tires are not made for heavy duty wet conditions as they are thin and have low-resistance/grip by definition, as they need to be fast, not realiable/comfortable as with a commuter or mountain bike. Just my two cents.
No tread pattern required for bike tyres on normal roads; mostly marketing gumph. Bikes have too skinny tyres and not enough speed to need a tread to disperse water like a car tyre. The amount of grip possibly added by tread is insignificant compared to tread compound and, more importantly, tyre pressure. Some have even said adding a tread can decrease grip. That said, no tyre will perform as well in wet conditions as in the dry. I have Schwalbe Pro Ones ( the tubeless version) on one bike and they perform as well as any other I've used in the wet.
Good tyre, great price. Shame the wider ones are out of stock.

PS. Zombie is correct. Compound is more important than tread on the road.
This looks like a really good deal.

Without wishing to state the obvious, if you want to buy 3 of these tyres, you can add this item and use the code CLEAR2017 to get them for £21.68 each.
Chain Reaction now have the code TOUR104 that takes 21% off the price of selected items. These tyres are included, so you can get them for £19.74 each delivered.

Alternatively the 25c version is on sale for £21.99. Link. If you buy 4 of these tyres you can use the clearance discount code WHSE2017 to get them for £77.96, making them £19.49 each.

Another alternative is the Green version of the 23c Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp Road Tyre, which is £10.26 with the code TOUR104. Link.
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