Schwartz Classic Roast Turkey Gravy in store at Sainsburys 18p

Schwartz Classic Roast Turkey Gravy in store at Sainsburys 18p

Found 20th Nov 2010
Found in Sainsburys St. Albans. The shelf had the little red sale label giving the original price of 73p and the sale price of 18p. As the packets are in date till Oct 2011 got a few packets. Strange deal to find pre-Christmas!
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ohh this is lovely gravy, shame there's no Sainsburys near me
Not store specific either as they have them in sainsburys salford manchester
I have found that every now and again you can get some amazing deals on Schwartz at Sainsburys. They will reduce a few lines with little fanfare apart from the little red markers. I love this brand and it has moved with the times whilst retaining the quality.
best turkey gravy in the world, can't find any in my tesco
Not sure why anyone needs packet gravy if they have roasted a meat joint: A tablespoon of plain flour in a little fat from the joint, mixed in the bottom of the roasting tin, some of the water used from boiling potatoes or carrots, plus salt & pepper to taste makes lovely gravy in 5 mins. If you want to make it even tastier then add a splash of red wine, or balsamic vinegar, or a tablespoon of cranberry sauce, plus a knob of butter at the end to give it some sheen.

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