Schwarzenegger Box Set (4 Discs) £6.89 Delivered

Schwarzenegger Box Set (4 Discs) £6.89 Delivered

Found 19th Sep 2008
Total Recall/Red Heat/Raw Deal/Red Sonja

Total Recall:
It's 2084 AD: and Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is haunted by recurring dreams about a journey to Mars. A visit to a vacation parlour unlocks erased memories in Quaid's mind. Quaid discovers that he is, in fact, a top intelligence agent on Mars which is now under the harsh rule of the treacherous tyrant Vilas Cohaagen. Quaid's memory has been erased to suppress his knowledge of Cohaagen's plans. Quaid outwits the Secret Police and makes his way to Mars where he is reunited with his former lover Melina. Together they must stop Cohaagen's diabolical plan and unlock the mysteries within the planet's core.

Red Heat:
Captain Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger) nicknamed "Iron Jaw" is a ruthless cop who heads Moscow's homicide division. He is sent to Chicago to pick up a Russian drug-dealer, arrested on a minor traffic violation. In Chicago, Danko is assigned to partner with Detective Art Ridzik (James Belushi), a wise-cracking, plain clothesman notorious for cutting corners. Different people from different cultures, Danko and Ridzik work closely together and develop a unique relationship laced with humour and respect. The chase leads them into a world of international drug trafficking controlled from within the walls of Stateville Prison and puts Ridzik in conflict with his superior, Commander Donnelly (Peter Boyle), as the two renegade cops alternate police procedure "Russian Style" with Ridzik's free-enterprising techniques.

Raw Deal:
Mark Kaminsky (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is kicked out of the FBI for his rough treatment of a suspect. He winds up as the sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. FBI chief Harry Shannon, whose son has been killed by a mobster named Patrovina, enlists Kaminsky in a personal vendetta with a promise of reinstatement into the FBI if Patrovina is taken down. To accomplish this, Kaminsky must go undercover and join Patrovina's gang. Then he gets to wipe out all the gangsters in Chicago - singlehandedly!

Red Sonja:
The peaceful life of Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen( is shattered when her parents are murdered by Queen Gedren, who rules by terror and carries a talisman with which she can annihilate the planet. Sonja sets out to avenge her parents' death and is granted extraordinary powers by a mysterious vision. But she must vow never to fall in love with a man unless he is stronger than her. On her way to find Queen Gedren, she meets Kalidor (Schwarzenegger) - a stranger gifted with unusual strength...


Tbh only decent one there is total recall

but then that is £4.95 on its own

"Get to the Choppa" ooops sorry thats Predator .....The Bestest film our Arn has ever made.......:thumbsup:


"Get to the Choppa" ooops sorry thats Predator .....The Bestest film our … "Get to the Choppa" ooops sorry thats Predator .....The Bestest film our Arn has ever made.......:thumbsup:

Predators gotta be one of the bestest films anybodies ever made!!

yeh predators good, but i'll be back best arnie movie.:thumbsup:

Terminator is his best
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