Schwarzkopf Blonde Ultime Hair Dye 20p at Superdrug!

Schwarzkopf Blonde Ultime Hair Dye 20p at Superdrug!

Found 30th Nov 2014Made hot 30th Nov 2014
As seen in Norwich Chapelfield today! Shelf marked as 20p for the Blonde Ultime range, had to look twice, the cashier confirmed this was the price. Grabbed 8 packs and left about 8 on the shelf for another lucky home hair dye fanatic.
Not sure if store specific, the cashier wasn't sure. Happy Sunday!


Great for the "having a blonde hair day" haha Hot!


I used it on my hair over the summer when I went to Ibiza- the worst £1 i'd ever spent- looked a right @@nt!

Nice if you like ginger though.....

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You need to leave on a while, repeat a week later and use a purple toner in my experience, but admit I have been there before with the bright orange..! Not cool!

While this is cheap ... We all love cheap!! I used it and wow it was like peroxide! !!! Never again
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