Schweppes Russchian 50p asda

Schweppes Russchian 50p asda

Found 1st Mar 2010
Mmmmmm, great with vodka!

Paid best part of £1 a bottle for this the other week at Tesco
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This stuff tastes great - almost like a sourish peachy taste - but great with wodka.

I didn't know that they still made this stuff?

I didn't know that they still made this stuff?

neither did I! It is very nice with vodka but not at all bad just on its own, well chilled of course.
I was wondering just last week whether or not they still made this stuff. I must try and get hold of some. I always thought that its flavour was a mixture of peach and tonic water.
gd price
Love this with Vodka.. great price and voted hot x
I;ve not tried this, but I think I may have to at that price and with these kind of reviews!
went to Asda today and it was further marked down to 25p a bottle.
If there's any left in the stores you visit, you'll probably find it is now down to 12p a bottle. It was in my local Asda today so I picked up the last 3 bottles on the shelf.
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