Schweppes Russchian at Asda instore only 18p!

Schweppes Russchian at Asda instore only 18p!

LocalFound 29th Mar 2010
Schweppes Russchian 1litre at Asda instore only 18p, rolled back from 50p.

Same as here;jsessionid=jZ89wsMoILUcXpWR3PWYkg**.oses4007-atg04?trailSize=1&searchString=schweppes+ruschian&domainName=Products&headerVersion=v1&_requestid=17307
but not rolled back online.

Schweppes Russchian is a mixer drink designed to mix with vodka.
This fizzy drink is a very pale pink in colour and it has a fruity, aromatic kind of smell.
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was 12p a bottle in my local Asda couple of weeks ago. Doubt there's many stores with it left in stock now.

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