Sci-Fi Short "The Gift" FREE To watch
Sci-Fi Short  "The Gift"  FREE To watch

Sci-Fi Short "The Gift" FREE To watch

You may not known who Carl Erik Rinsch is yet, but you will soon. Rinsch's sci-fi short, titled The Gift, has just debuted online (via SlashFilm) and is a must watch.

good doses of breathtaking CGI. Ive watched this short like five times now and Im amazed at how Rinsch has seemlessly blended computer generated worlds and characters with live-action.


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watch and and wanted more, 5 stars, but as the comments said I did think of Half Life as soon as I saw those guards, hot from me

i dont get it.

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why was the robot running away after that homeless guy just killed his master, not exactly sure.

it might be like a pandoras box (aka unicorn). and/or maybe the robot was actually a spy waiting for the unicorn to show up.
the guards seem to speak alien language. maybe in wrong hands it may destroy the human race

i want moreee

cool will check out


want to see more....:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


want to see more....:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:




brilliant- thanks!

Watched 4 out of 5 - dark room - also interesting - the hunt - well let you decide :O)

Is that it? Visually excellent but ultimately unsatisfying.

OMG I so want more please more lol was brilliant :thumbsup:


Is that it? Visually excellent but ultimately unsatisfying.

That's what she said

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That's what she said

size does matter both ways i guess :thumbsup:


It was good but way too short. I'm sure this would get backing as a full feature film after that short scene.

Only if the plot made more sense than in the short.

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Heat Vision reported that a bidding war between Warner Bros and Fox had broken out over rights to a feature version of the short. SlashFilm is saying that is the case, but claiming that the short was actually created as a prologue to a feature that Rinsch has already written and packaged called Small. The go along with all of that news, they got their hands on two awesome concept art photos from that project, which already looks incredible.

The Gift was the best imo. I'd love one of those 21:9 tv's
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