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48x Pro 2Go Oat Bake Protein Bars - £21 inc. free shipping @ SciMix
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Re-posting to add this as a combo with free shipping activated. 16x packs of the Pro 2Go Oat bake protein bars are £7 at the moment (selected flavours), with free P&P over £15… Read more

Don't get the strawberry duo bar its gross haha choc is good though

Ordered the Duo Bar :) thanks OP lets give these ago.


Got my order through today from DPD. Turns out the deal was even better than I thought - seems I was just in time for the free 24x box of oat bakes (chilli) too (I had ordered 24 vinegar ones anyway). I think that has now ended though as I can't see it being advertised any longer. Definitely going to keep an eye on their site going forward if these end of life style deals are regular. Now...where to put these 48 bags of oat bakes......... (confused)




I've been buying these lately at a slightly higher price so I've stocked up at this price, should keep me going for a while

16x Sci-MX Pro 2GO Oat Bake bars - £10.95 Delivered @ Sci-MX
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Was looking for some cheap protein/oat bars/flapjacks for breakfasts and came across these. If you select Cookies & Cream flavour it's just £7 for 16 bars. If your basket is… Read more

Ok yeah, makes sense


I'd expire this and do a new one with 3 boxes. Heat btw


I see your point, but you don't 'have' to pay it - but you do have to order a bit more to do that. maybe my deal should have been a combo which = no shipping.


Of course P&P is added to a deal! If you have to pay it why wouldn't it be added


Don't understand why the moderator has changed the price to include P&P - the item is £7, and over £15 is free P&P. I didn't realise P&P was added to deals?

SCI-MX Nutrition PRO 2GO Flapjack Protein Bar Box, Yogurt and Honey, 24 x 80g £14.99 at Sci-Mix
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Add some bakes at 19p to get free delivery.

Same here (y)


added 1 pack of 19p bakes...and SCI-MX have sent a BOX of the 1 bag :) legends!!!!


Site wide sale it seems, keeps those carvings at bay. Winner


Brilliant. I've bagged a few of these SCI-MX offers now and so far they've tasted great except for the strawberry/white choc cookies. Thanks for sharing, running low on my last order!


This is the worst pinball table ever.

SCI-MX Protein Cookies 12x75g for just £6 + £3.95 delivery @ Sci-Mx - Free Next Day delivery over £15
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
I've had some of these before, they taste pretty good and have decent nutritional value. No code required, just select the option from the 'Choose' Weight' drop down. Please note… Read more

You got it buddy.


Just moderate the poison you add to your body and everything will be okay (embarrassed)


I just received my second order, this time for the white chocolate and strawberry flavour. They also have the December 2019 best before date 😁


Double choc chip ordered


Btw buddy, your likely to receive another delivery from sci-MX as they sent me double my order as an apology for sending the out of date ones. I ordered 4 and they sent me double the order (8 in total) as an apology! Well chuffed and the expiry on these new ones are December 2019.

12 Protein brownies (Best Before: 16.06.2019) for just £5 + £3.95 P&P @ Sci-Mx - Free Next Day delivery over £15
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
No code required, just select the cheaper option from the dropdown. New customers get 30% off with code NEW30. Some very good deals here:… Read more

I've got 6 boxes. All dated best before Dec 2019 too


All mine came with best before December 2019, both brownies and cookies


Not to me. I will eat regardless


Received mine a couple of days ago all have long expiry dates ranging from end of 2019 to feb 2020. Thanks OP protein that was cheap as chips


The cookies are to die for, I am hoping that they do a deal like this again near the end of my supply! :D

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Pro2Go Duo Bars 12x60 g £5 + £3.95 p&p at sci-mx
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Pro2Go Duo Bars 12x60 g £5 + £3.95 p&p at sci-mx
Box of short dated (14.04.2019) 12x60 g Pro2Go Caramel & Vanilla protein bar is currently selling for £5 at Sci-Mx Nutrition. B&M sells them for £1. £3.95 postage fee appl… Read more
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Not if it's wrong, as you are then stuck in your ways.


No but surly experience is better than none at all


Pro max lean bars have the same protein.... Just because you have done it for 20 years doesn't mean its right.


But nowhere near the protein?!? Which is why this is called a protein bar. I train 6 days a week for over 20years and speaking from personal experience these are fantastic for snacks between meals for people wanting to build lean/mass muscle


Bars like the maximuscle pro lean have half the carbs and the same protein. Many other products as well with even lower carbs/sugar.. You might as well eat a Mars bar as it will have near as much carbs as this.

Sci-mx Protien Bars or cookies £5 per box (+£3.95 Delivery) @ Sci-Mx
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Sci-mx Protien Bars or cookies £5 per box (+£3.95 Delivery) @ Sci-Mx
Sci-mx still have stock on quite a few protein products and decent prices! Protein bars £5 for 12 Protein Cookies £5 for 12 Also other offers on the protein powders. I have rece… Read more

Ordered 3 boxes. as others have said, high sugar! 12grams per bar... blimey


I should probably mention here that I use the extra protein from these for bulking not cutting weigh so in order to bulk I need to have a surplus of calories and increase my protein intake. Now as you suggest, this should be in the form of an extra meal but when I say I don't have time to fit in an extra meal...I genuinely mean it. I get most of my of protein needs already from my meals by eating lean meats and nuts and even changing things round by using skyr yoghurt, replacing rice with quinoa and potato with sweet potato but unfortunately it's not enough, and call me picky, but I don't fancy having twice the amount of nuts I already do when I find it easier and quicker to just have the protein cookie. I will take a look at the quest ones though so thanks for the recommendation.


everybody has the time for proper diet everytime you eat is a diet and most just use time as a excuse I hear lots of people use it the same with they work physical jobs so they cant do low carb don't really need to plan and eating regularly not needed for example lot of keto people eat only once a day. if you must have extra protein stick to things like nuts or just eat pre cooked meat purchased from shop. most of these types of bars you wont even get the protein its lists because of the type used you will get around 5g and all the other rubbish included not even worth it but if you must have a cookie look at the quest ones they are much better


I dont think its a mistake, i think its a convenience. If i had the time for a proper diet (i.e. planning well and eating regularly) then I agree but unfortunately my timings are pretty difficult to make a "proper" diet. But to go along with snacking on nuts and the rest of my diet, these are very needed to top up the last of my protein requirements that could be served in a full meal and since taking them, i have noticed a significant growth in muscle and vast improvement in the gym too so i am guessing it serves the protein i missed


why? if you eat proper diet you will get plenty of protein by meat or nuts which is better form of protein anyway. you should load up before work out not after this is mistake a lot of people make the cookies have 20g carbs that is for 50g version so it's not very good carbs = sugar so not 4.8g i suggest you look at what is in them as well first thing that stood out was maltodextrin that stuff is bad far worse then sugar

Sci-mx Whey Plus Hardcore and ripped core protein powder also free delivery - £5.60 using code
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Sci-mx Whey Plus Hardcore and ripped core protein powder also free delivery - £5.60 using code
Hardcore is £8 and rippedcore is £7 but with the new customer voucher you get an extra 30% off. Also free next day delivery if you spend £15 after discounts applied. Hardcore 26g … Read more

Man i gotta be honest the whey powder tastes vile in strawberry. Thats mixed with water anyway


£17.50 for all that, great deal. Expiry is mid-April and still loads available on website. Thought I'd post to confirm the order was fulfilled.


Got mine today, hardcore is dated 08/2020 and rippedcore is 05/2019


Order arrived today. Whey BBE of July and the protein bars good till Aug. Not too bad considering it was £16 odd for 1.8kg of whey powder and 12 bars.


Both Out of Stock

Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Avatardeleted1988233Get dealGet deal

Great deal, picked up 6 lots of the meal replacement. So glad it's not chocolate this time, is a bit too sweet and clashes with the vanilla I've mixed it with


Don't forget you can use new30 as a new customer and get an extra 30% off making the cookies £3.50 a box ( strawberry n white choc ones) double chocolate drops to £10 odd


Already posted


Don't buy the cookies. They are dry as the bag they come in.

Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
WHEY PLUS HARDCORE High-performance whey protein shake with training amplifiers.

Thanks ordered 2 X 2kg for £30. Original price on their website was about 4 grand. I always read the label in another language to create muscle confusion. I don't even want to know what training amplifiers are supposed to be


Ordered Chocolate and Vanilla. Was going to order ripped core as well but that had may last date. I hope these ones last me a summer as I work only weekends.


Hahaha, Depends on your goal, this definitely would be a good choice as a post workout shake. I certainly wouldn't be knocking back more than one of these a day. For me real food is always the best way to make gains.


When you’re being pretty strict, for some people like myself, two/three portions of this a day can throw you way over the limit. I’d rather save it for that Reese’s Cupcake which has been tormenting me all week. Oh yeah. Shout out to all Type 2 Diabetics as well.


4g of sugar per serving....hardly a deal breaker for me. Seems decent enough for the low price HEAT

Discounted offers from SCI-MX (Free Delivery over £15 or £3.95)
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Discounted offers from SCI-MX (Free Delivery over £15 or £3.95)
Big discount for some products , short term 'best before'

Some good deals


Thank you got cheap protein bars, much appreciated

WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE 900g £8 + £3.95 del sci-mx
Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
WHEY PLUS RIPPEDCORE 900g £8 + £3.95 del sci-mx
Discounted price on 900g chocolate & strawberry applies to short dated stock. Best before 24.05.2019.

I'd be interested to know what percentage of the protein content is soy?

SCI-MX DUO BAR CARAMEL AND VANILLA £10 / £13.95 delivered @ Sci-mx
Posted 6th Sep 2018Posted 6th Sep 2018
SCI-MX DUO BAR CARAMEL AND VANILLA £10 / £13.95 delivered @ Sci-mx
Caramel and Vanilla Duo bars £10 per box of 12.
Avatardeleted1988233Get dealGet deal

good spot! but code applies to non promotional items


Apparantly there is a 30% discount for new customers "NEW30". Not sure if it works with this aswell however


good deal! I use them for pre workout. taste is good! free delivery over £15

Sci-mx stuff at big discount!
Posted 4th Jul 2018Posted 4th Jul 2018
Sci-mx stuff at big discount!
Six mx protein powders on sale!

I would imagine that's a gainer... Not a whey protein shake. What are your requirements? Some people require those calories


Over 500 calories per serve 🤪

24 Sci Mx Apple and Caramel Protein Flapjacks (short dated) £8 / £11.95 delivered @ Sci Mx
Posted 12th Jun 2018Posted 12th Jun 2018
24 Sci Mx Apple and Caramel Protein Flapjacks (short dated) £8 / £11.95 delivered @ Sci Mx
First time posting a deal. A box of 24 Sci Mx protein flapjacks for £8.00. Free delivery on orders over £15. short dated stock only. Best before 30.06.2018
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No problem, but don't waste please, sell on ebay or give to someone else or donate to charity.


There go two boxes in the bin. I appreciate the reply Andre, thank you. (nerd)


It is listed as hydrolysed collagen in the ingredients and is the reason you don't see suitable for vegetarians label.



Can't see that in the ingredients?

25% off everything @ Sci-mx
Posted 28th May 2012Posted 28th May 2012
25% off everything @ Sci-mx
As per title 25% off of everything at Sci-MX - applied at checkout FREE next day delivery too. Terms & Conditions: 1. All offers are subject to availability and for a limited… Read more

Ha ha had similar experiences with Diet (strawberry) no such issues with chocolate funnily enough jsut the strawberry one


Sci-MX Diet. Only time in my life I ever sharted. There were a few near misses too oO


cheaper to buy from amazon though. ;)

sci-mx leap 29% off everything
Posted 29th Feb 2012Posted 29th Feb 2012
sci-mx leap 29% off everything
An alternative to maximuscle and on one offers. Expires at midnight

Most of these can be had cheaper in Tesco at the moment i.e the 2.28kg tub of 100% Ultragen whey protein is £42.99 on their site but i bought one in tesco only yesterday for £34.50 (and had a £5 off voucher too :)