Science Museum - ATM Bank £12.76 @ Amazon

Science Museum - ATM Bank £12.76 @ Amazon

Found 22nd Feb 2011
Cheapest I've seen thus far. Gonna finally buy one, got numerous amounts of change knocking about all over the place.

RRP £29.99. Saving of 57%.

Manufacturer's Description
Zeon presents their Science Museum range. The Science Museum is famous throughout the world for their innovative, educational Museums, Zeon are pleased to present the ATM Bank. The ATM bank is the perfect way to record your savings, deposit either your spare change or notes and set yourself a savings target. Enter name and date of birth and if used on your birthday a birthday song will sound. If used on Christmas day, a Christmas song will sound. The ATM bank also has an alarm and calendar function with LCD display. Requires 3 x AA batteries (supplied). Not intended as a toy for young children and not suitable for children under 3 years. Only recognises UK currency

Box Contains
1 x ATM Bank
1 x Instruction Manual
3 x AA Batteries


Showing as £13.51 now.

£17.50 now...

Original Poster

Actually it's £17.50!! Glad I got my order in before they went mental and increased the price.

Sorry all, I'll expire it.

It's back down to £15, but not sure for how long!
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