Science Museum Floating Globe Was £34.99 Now £11.99@Argos

Science Museum Floating Globe Was £34.99 Now £11.99@Argos

Found 15th Feb 2012
Science Museum Floating Globe.

This ultra modern Floating Globe from Science Museum is held in position by magnetic force generated by the display stand. It makes an unexpected gadget gift and would make a nice addition to the home.

Full comprehensive world map.
Gently spinning the globe whilst its floating will result in continuous rotation.
Multi-coloured backlight.
Includes 1 x BS adaptor.
Size H18, W8.5, D17cm.
Suitable for ages 8 years and over.

Video below…Da0
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Sounds good but gets pretty poor reviews on Argos site. Was interested when I saw your post but think I will give it a miss.

Sounds good but gets pretty poor reviews on Argos site. Was interested … Sounds good but gets pretty poor reviews on Argos site. Was interested when I saw your post but think I will give it a miss.

I think that is due to having the patience to set it up
Out of stock at all Essex branches out of stock on home delivery
None in stock.
Has to be plugged in and on (i.e. Electromagnet).
I had one bought for me a couple of years ago.
Not good.
It has it's initial oooh but then when you think it has to be constantly plugged in and it diesn't really do anything I put it back in the box and is currently gathering dust.
ANOTHER argos OOS "deal".
Leatherhead and Farnborough have it in stock.
1 left in stockton
one left in Edinburgh Straiton if anyone wants it
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I know its a good deal but who the hell would want one????
No stock in North London stores!
oh i want 1 out of stock at my local and the nearly 10 store also. and no delivery shame
1 in aldershot
might be cool, but from checking the product specs, the globe must be tiny if the whole thing is only 18cm tall...
1 in Hull Market Place
Economy in the toilet and people still find money to waste on useless tat like this ???

1 in Hull Market Place

Just check now and it's gone.....
Out of stock.... Out of stock... Hmmm... Oh, out of stock there too.
I wonder if Hornby train magnets could replace the electro magnets (they are damn strong)
Looks pretty good and would have taken a punt but stock seems to be quite restricted. No stock in Leicester or 10 nearest stores to me and really not that fussed about it.

Heat anyway as it does look pretty sweet!!
Shame about the negative reviews, they have put me off buying this.
most of the items from Argos in HUKD posted are out of stock. I think Argos reduces the price when there is none or very little left in stock. So if you see any items from Argos just ignore and assume its out of stock. If you find any in stock in Argos near to your house the you should consider yourself lucky
hey that's my photo off eBay!
Complete and utter junk.
Only £6 at the moment - (_;)
looks good to me from this you tube video…Da0
Why expired? 2 left in Maidstone
And 3 left in Glasgow Stockwell street. Thinking of grabbing one today - I'm a sucker for gadgets.
I bought one yesterday. Once out of its packaging it took less than a minute to set up. That's about an hour less than the time it last took me to set up a levitron. Mine wobbles a lot less than the one in the video. You can put a piece of paper between the globe and the stand. I'll leave the explanations to Lou Bloomfield. There were none given in the box.
I've yet to find any argos deals in stock gRRRRRRRRR!
Thats cos the greedy so and so's from the markets buy them to make a quick buck! flippen muppets..
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