Science museum flying toy £5 instore or + £2 C+C @ Debenhams

Science museum flying toy £5 instore or + £2 C+C @ Debenhams

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Found 20th Dec 2017
Watched this being demonstrated in Hamleys clever product and I paid £10 for it.

Still £10’eveywhere else so £5 is a steal

Great stocking filler guaranteed to keep people entertained over Xmas!
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it's rubbish I bought 2 from hamleys last year
mlear20062 m ago

it's rubbish I bought 2 from hamleys last year

Just a bit of string wrapped behind your ear to your finger there it is spoilers
Didn’t keep people entertained last year. Someone bought one for my hubby for secret santa. Utter crud, was in the bin by Boxing Day
It’s rubbish! It uses hair like string that’s impossible to tie on. Don’t bother...
Agree with all of the above, had these 3 or 4 years ago. You're supposed to hook a very fine fishing line behind your ear which is tied to the object, the line passes between your thumb and forefinger and you move your hands to simulate it flying.

Cheap toy you'd find in Christmas crackers...only bigger.
Yep, I agree. It is definitely rubbish, not even worth a pound. My daughter had one last year and didn't play with it once. It is like hanging a piece of cardboard with a fine piece of fishing line with blue tack stuck behind your ears and you pretend that it is flying....
Actually can't believe they are still selling these under the science museums name , my son had one years ago and it was a worthless waste of time and money then . Haven't voted OP because it's not your fault that this toy is so bad .
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