Science Night @Science Museum - 1 night stay - £30 - booking now for july onwards
Science Night @Science Museum - 1 night stay - £30 - booking now for july onwards

Science Night @Science Museum - 1 night stay - £30 - booking now for july onwards

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Science Museum - 1 night stay - £30 - Central London

now taking bookings for the following nights:

* Friday 10th July 2009
* Saturday 26th September 2009 - a British Sign Language Interpreter will be available throughout the nighto
* Friday 6th November 2009
* Saturday 21st November 2009 - Exclusive Brownie night - £35 per child and £30 per adult
* Saturday 5th December 2009

Children £30 Adults £30

i have just received email - good luck

booking now for July onwards

be quick

great night out for you and kids

adult & kids prices both £30

or you can email - [email protected]sciencemuseum.org.uk


dreadful site, nothing about on their site even after searching cause its in the store and you seemingly cant exit it to the main site..did google search and found the details...durr..someone sack the website builder!

lol..never heard such rubbish in my life....wish the H&S police do something useful for once, like play with matches and a propane gas bottle...what about people with bad backs where's the H&S on that? - "We provide all campers with a thin foam camping mat, however you are welcome to bring your own but please note, for Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow any inflatable mats or mattresses."

anyway, prefer the daytime free visit, to this includes the imax thing

Sounds fun for kids but if you read the info below it says each group must to consist of 5 kids and 1 adult (that would work out at £150 per group , group bookings only no less than 5 kids per adult - handy for clubs though i guess

Info about Science Nights:

What do we have to bring?
We provide all campers with a thin foam camping mat, however you are welcome to bring your own but please note, for Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow any inflatable mats or mattresses.

Below is a list of things you need to bring along:

Sleeping bag
Packed evening snack

You may also want to bring:

Water bottle
A pillow
Eyeshades for sleeping (some lighting is left on overnight)

Do we need to bring food?
Campers must provide their own packed evening snack. Breakfast will be provided, and may include: croissant, cereal bar, a piece of fruit and a fruit drink. There is tea/coffee for adults only.
When do we need to arrive and how do we get there?

Groups must arrive at the Main Entrance to the Science Museum by 18.45.
Limited parking is available next door at Imperial College at a small charge. This is payable on the day.
The nearest tube station is South Kensington (Piccadilly/District & Circle lines)
Further details will be sent to you in your Campers Survival Pack a few weeks before your booked Science Night.

What are the Group Leaders' Responsibilities?
As a group leader, you are responsible for your group throughout the night. This will ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening. Your responsibilities will include:

Ensuring that all your children in your group are aged 8, 9, 10 or 11 years old

Disciplining your group
Ensuring your group follows the Science Night rules set out in the Health and Safety Talk on the night.
Keeping your group together and under control at all times.
Ensuring your group doesn’t disturb those who are sleeping.

What activities are there?
A typical evening programme includes:
18.45 Doors open and registration
19.05 Set up camp and Health and Safety Talk
20.00 Hands-on workshop
20.45 Science Show
21.30 Snack break
22.10 Hands-on workshop
22.55 Quiet group activity
23.15 Getting ready for bed
06.45 Wake up
07.15 Breakfast
07.45 Interactive galleries and IMAX film
09.40 Prize giving
10.00 Science Night finishes; Museum and shop open. You are welcome to stay in the Museum for as long as you wish after a Science Night

How much does it cost?
Science Night is an educational experience you'll never forget and for just £30.00 per person you'll receive:

Experienced Staff who will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable event
Materials for hands-on workshops
Overnight accommodation sleeping amongst the Science Museum's objects
An IMAX 3D film

How many children can I bring?
[COLOR="Red"]All children must be 8-11 years old and come to Science Night as part of a group. [/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]The smallest group you can bring is 5 children and 1 adult[/COLOR]
We welcome larger groups.
How many adults do we need?
Your group will be together for the whole of the event. You will sleep in the same gallery but boys and girls have separate sleeping areas within your assigned gallery.

For an all girl group you will need 1 female adult for every 5-6 children
For an all boy group you will need 1 female or male adult for every 5-6 children
For a mixed sex group you will need 2 female adults or 1 female and 1 male adult for every 5-9 children
Female adults may sleep on either side of the gallery however male adults may only sleep on the male side of the gallery.
Can I bring a child who has special needs?
Yes, Science Night promotes participation by children with special needs
We can also provide a special educational needs co-ordinator to give help and advice on the night
Please let us know when you book how we can help your group get the most out of the Science Night experience

Can I apply for funding?
Yes we have a fund which is supported by the Brink Bursary Fund. This fund is here to enable children from social priority areas to attend Science Night.
For further details and to request an application form please email [email protected].
With the Bursary, Science Nights costs £6 per child and £10 per adult

How do I know the dates for later in the year?
The best way is to subscribe to our Science Night e-newsletter. We will send you an email as soon as the dates are released.

What if I need to cancel?
Once confirmation of your booking has been made by Science Night it can prove difficult for us to find a replacement booking if you are unable to attend.

The following rules will therefore apply:

If you need to reduce numbers or cancel your booking for a charged activity you must tell us at least 14 days before the date of your visit.
We cannot accept cancellations or reductions in numbers within 14 days of your visit date.
You will be asked to pay the full cost of the places you have booked.
You can increase numbers for a charged activity at any time, provided places are still available.
If you are collecting monies from students please bear these booking terms in mind and allow enough time to tell us about any changes in numbers.

So, this is £180 for a group of 6, 1 adult, 5 kids minimum, suggest price is altered to show this, eg. £180 upwards, for groups, as £30 deal cannot be purchased,
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