Scientific Calculator only 10P at B&M

Scientific Calculator only 10P at B&M

Found 4th Oct 2014
Scientific calculator 10p @ B&M, GCSE and A level approved, great for school and businesses, my daughter bought one the other day and says it works perfectly and its ideal for her GCSE's! If I were you I would definitely buy one!


Thats very cheap!

that's brilliant x

Any chance of a photo?

Can hardly get a calculator for 10p, let alone a scientific calculator. Crazy deal.

I prefer calculators which use faith instead or science for their reasoning. Let me know if you find a religious calculator

Got 2 yesterday. 10p each. A few left in Beeston Notts. Have a photo but cant upload.

Thank you for letting us know,but it seems that this offer has now finished.Best wishes from peter.
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