Scooby Doo Drive and Steer - £6.24 instore only @ Tesco

Scooby Doo Drive and Steer - £6.24 instore only @ Tesco

LocalFound 29th Apr 2008
In my local Tesco, the Scooby Doo Drive and Steer remote control car was reduced from £25 to £6.24 - great for birthday presents! Hope this is country wide . . .

This is a Scooby Doo theme remote control toy car. The Scooby drive and steer is a mini Mystery Machine and Shaggy is in the driving seat. Use the remote control steering wheel to move the Scooby van back and forward and steer him in the right direction. There's even a turbo button for extra speed and a horn to scare away those ghosts. The Scooby drive and steer vehicle plays the Scooby Doo theme tune for 30 seconds too! Requires 8xAA batteries in total. Suitable from age 3.
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how cool lol !
opps instore only

was it labled £6.24 or did it just come up at checkout like it
It was priced like that (on the very top shelf so not very noticable).
I bought this about 8 weeks ago for £6.24, it was the last one and wasn't labelled.

Excellent toy and also has good ratings on ]Amazon.

Tesco have had some wicked offers on toys about 2 months ago, nothing going on in my local at the moment though.

I bought a Cinderella Aquadraw for £6.24, one of those dancing flowers that you plug into your mp3 player (usually £25) for £1.99, this toy, 2 matchbox fold-up playsets (usually £15) for £3 each. I also saw a Hot Wheels Spiral City toy that I paid £30 for in December for £8.74 and a High School Musical purple bag with speakers in it (usually £20) for £5.99.

Quite a few of the toys in the sale section weren't labelled so had to drag them all over to the self-scan machine to check them, and some that were labelled came up even cheaper.
Will try and get one for my nephew's b'day, cheers.
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