Scooby Doo: Drive And Steer Kooky Vehicle - Was £24.99 Now £9.99 @

Scooby Doo: Drive And Steer Kooky Vehicle - Was £24.99 Now £9.99 @

Found 19th May 2008
Also 4% cashback through Quidco.

Turn the steering wheel of the Scooby Doo Drive and Steer Kooky vehicle and control where Shaggy goes! Press for forward or reverse and turn the wheel left or right for direction. Theres turbo for extra speed that will make Shaggy and the machine capture those ghosts! Includes horn function and plays the Scooby-Doo theme
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I bought this for £6.24 instore at Tescos a few months ago - it is well worth £9.99 so just wanted to recommend it!

You steer the truck by turning the steering wheel left and right - no difficult controls, and it plays Scooby theme tune

It has now been reduced from £25 to £17.33 at ]Amazon and has good reviews.

Hope this helps someone :thumbsup:
lol! Looks fab - nice one whizzkid
Great price, going to get one for one of my many grandkids!, heat added
I also bought one a few weeks ago in Tesco for £6.24 and last week they still had some more on the top shelf for this price. My daughter loves it so well worth the £10 but check out Tesco first if you are in there!
hot :thumbsup:
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