SCOOTER-Jumping All Over The World £8.93 + Quidco
SCOOTER-Jumping All Over The World  £8.93 + Quidco

SCOOTER-Jumping All Over The World £8.93 + Quidco

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Disk 1
1.The Definition
2.Jumping All Over The World
3.The Question Is What Is The Question?
4.Enola Gay
5.Neverending Story
6.And No Matches
7.Cambodia8.I'm Lonely
9.Whistling Dave
11.Lighten Up The Sky
12.The Hardcore Massive
13.Jump That Rock!
14.The Greatest Difficulty

Disk 2
1.Apache Rocks The Bottom
2.One (Always Hardcore)
3.Shake That!
4.Jigga Jigga!
5.Maria (I Like It Loud)
6.The Night
9.The Logical Song
10.Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
11.Faster Harder Scooter
12.How Much Is The Fish?
14.I'm Raving
15.Rebel Yell
16.Back In The U.K.
17.Endless Summer
19.Move Your Ass!
20.Hyper Hyper


Original Poster


I love scooter
How much is the fish!

hate scooter, good price though, voted hot!

Original Poster


I love scooterHow much is the fish!

Same me top band just wanna see em live even at my old age :viking: Yes im as old as an old viking but young at heart :thumbsup:

They going on tour?

My 9 year old niece loves Scooter, even she takes the mickey out of the ropey lyrics

silly lyrics are part of the fun!
it's music to jump up and down to while pretending you are young and irresponsible.
boo to all people who think music has to be po faced to be listened to.

Oh come on - you surely are all joking.....right?

Scooter is AWFUL!!!!

Even those who havent heard it (cant be many who are so fortunate) would likely be put off by the look of the idiot!

for the tasteless only.

Thats about £50 over priced :w00t:
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