Scooter Suitcase £250 @ Micro-Scooters

Scooter Suitcase £250 @ Micro-Scooters

Found 14th May 2012
Anybody that finds themselves in an airport regularly will tell you that getting from the plane to baggage claim can be a fair old schlep sometimes.

Whether it’s Heathrow Terminal 5, Schiphol or Chicago O’Hare, having to walk all that way is a pain.

In steps the Micro Luggage, a team-up between the chaps that make the Micro Scooters that have been around since the late-1990s and Samsonite with its suitcases. The result is a suitcase with a built-in Micro Scooter that lets you get to where you’re going, tout suite.
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...and you'll look like a complete nob!
Eh, no, I think Ide rather keep my £250.

* Check that bindings are secured tightly before each use
* Check adjustment of telescope function
* Caution: brake can become hot
* Do not ride down slopes
* Close quick-action lock securely and ensure that it is correctly positioned
* This product is not for children!
* Only one foot is allowed on the board at a time. The micro luggage is not a scooter or a kickboard

LMFAO, what were the company thinking when they were making these
Bought 2! Amazing product
Why did they not call it a scootcase?
I think this is absolutely brilliant! If it was down to £100-150 I might actually buy one! Ideal to "scoot" around an airport! Grab on to the disabled buggies they use and surf to the gate! Lol!
Can you imagine how fun it would be when you scoot onto a horizontal conveyor belt? Or better yet when you come off the other end.
in the big corporate word, this should be the only method of transport around the office.
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