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Posted 14 October 2022

Scorn [Xbox Series X|S / PC Play Anywhere - Turkey via VPN] - £10.91 using code @ Gamivo / StoForY

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Price includes processing fee for paying via PayPal, using code DLCLESS8 on checkout. Be sure to disable customer protection and smart price options to see stated price. This is listed as a pre-order, however the game is released today. Please also note the game is otherwise also available on Xbox Game Pass for those with a membership.

Please note a VPN is required for redeeming code on Turkey Xbox Store page, the Windscribe, HOLA and Urban VPN extensions in Google Chrome may be used for free.

1) Enable chosen VPN extension in Google Chrome, set region to Turkey and activate.
2) Go to redeem.microsoft.com and log in using your Microsoft/Xbox account.
3) Redeem purchased code.

Game will then be in your Xbox console library to download.
Gamivo More details at Gamivo

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    8hrs it's clocking in at
    more like 4-6 honestly
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    Hi avoid this deal Gamivo refunded to my Gamivo account and said the seller could not provide the Key .
    Insist on a refund back to your payment method. Dispute it with your payment processor if they refuse.

    Gamivo, G2A, Kinguin, Eneba etc. keep festering on HUKD much like the abominations in Scorn.
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    Good price but it's on game pass from today
    ...as stated in the first paragraph
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    Might wanna check the reviews the embargo didn't end until the game was out (always a worry) but fair to say they're mixed. Metacritic still updating but only half of critics overall recommend the game at all judging by OpenCritic.

    48441334-GSrea.jpg(PC) (edited)
    Why should people lean towards believing the 'near half' that won't recommend it versus the more than half that would?

    Always baffles me when things like that are said.
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    I finished it today (took a day off in anticipation)

    Overall I'm disappointed honestly... the world design is absolutely breathtaking (especially for fans of the art style) but the game itself is just a puzzle solving walking sim. Feels like it's under utilised tbh.
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    I got really bad motion sickness when I tried this for 20 mins. Just something to be aware of for anyone buying.
    The motion sickness is actually horrendous I agree, switching motion blur off does make it mildly better.
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    Almost quit 20 mins in with a certain puzzle at the start, will keep with it but don't think it's a particularly good game
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    Looking forward to this later. That's what I like about Game Pass getting day 1 releases so you're not having to wait for it to go on the service or buy it
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    My patience is wearing thin for this game and only just switched it on.
    are you playing that vending machine puzzle with the eggs? terrible introduction to the game imo, really offputting! it's like you JUST get into this world and then it's "move these eggs around for an hour please"

    does get better!
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    Really good game so far. Lots of puzzles, it's a little creepy but not horrific so far & I'm four hours in.
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    It’s so cool this game ends up leading to the Ridley Scott Alien (franchise)… why wouldn’t they put it in their marketing/promotion?!?
    haha it doesn't
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    Good price, but sounds like it can be completed in 4 hours. Better value getting one month of Game Pass if you dont have a sub already
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    I’ve recently got Game Pass so have it preloaded, it looks interesting and Skill Ups review is worth a watch
    I strongly recommend: Scorn (Review)
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    Decent game pass game but no replay value at all
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    sorry for being a bit dim but how do i get the PC version at this price?
    Play Anywhere simply means you're able to play it on any device you want be it a PC or Xbox, just redeem the code on the Microsoft / Xbox store pages using a VPN.
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    You buy it and redeem the code.
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    11am it's available to play!
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    Long time coming, I saw early footage of this game at least 6 years ago
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    Anonymous User
    Most people have game pass, or should do
    And? If they don't they can buy it instead for a good price.
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    Free on game pass.
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    Don't buy it. It will be on gamepass sponsor I did hear!
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    Code not working for me