Scorsese [Box Set] DVD £8.85 @ Zavvi - 5 Disc 5 Film Set - The Last Waltz, The King Of Comedy, Boxcar Bertha, Raging Bull & New York, New York

Scorsese [Box Set] DVD £8.85 @ Zavvi - 5 Disc 5 Film Set - The Last Waltz, The King Of Comedy, Boxcar Bertha, Raging Bull & New York, New York

Found 8th Aug 2010
Raging Bull: Raging Bull is arguably the finest work from the Scorsese and De Niro partnership. De Niro gives an amazing portrayal of a man whose animal side lurks just beneath the surface, ever ready to erupt. Vivid and unremitting in its uncompromising brutality and honesty, the fight sequences are famed for their realism. Violent throughout, this film is a testament to Scorsese's and De Niro's skills, creating a thoroughly absorbing film about such an unlikable character. Renowned for throwing himself into the roles of his character, De Niro went on a diet to gain sixty pounds during production for the role of the faded star.

New York, New York: Acclaimed Director Martin Scorsese (The Aviator, Gangs of New York) teams up with Academy Award winners Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro in this quintessential film about the New York jazz scene. This extended version of the film also features the unforgettable soundtrack by John Kander and Fred Ebb (Chicago, Cabaret) - and introducing the world-famous song to popular culture - New York, New York is a sophisticated and stunning homage to the city that never sleeps. Jimmy is a smooth-talking, joint-jumpin' saxophonist aiming for Big Band stardom. Francine is a timid lounge singer who dreams of the spotlight. When they meet, sparks fly and temperatures rise - and when he plays and she sings, they set New York on fire! It's the beginning of a stormy relationship that will test their ability to balance their passion for jazz with their love for each other.

Boxcar Bertha: Based on a spellbinding true story, Boxcar Bertha is a beautifully directed tale of railroad renegades and runaway romance. Bristling with energy and the raw, sensual performances of Barbara Hershey and David Carradine, the film delivers a humour and warmth that's right on track! Free-spirited Bertha (Hershey) is a small-time crook with a "love 'em and leave 'em" philosophy... until she falls hard for union man - and Robin-Hood-of-the-rails - Big Bill Shelly (Carradine). Stealing from the rich and giving to the workers, Bertha and Bill soon become the most notorious train robbers in the South. But as their crimes grow more brazen, the law grows more ruthless, and the duo discovers - too late - that their lifetime of larceny may have bought them a one-way ticket... to a deadly destination!
Scorsese [Box Set] DVD £8.85 @ Zavvi - 5 Disc 5 Film Set

The Last Waltz: It started as a concert. It became a celebration. Join an unparalleled line-up of rock superstars as they celebrate "The Band's" historic 1976 farewell performance. Directed by Martin Scorsese (Raging Bull, Goodfellas), The Last Waltz is not only the most beautiful rock film ever made... it's one of the most important cultural events of the last two decades!

The King Of Comedy: Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis and Sandra Bernhard light up the screen in this unforgettable film by Martin Scorsese. A funny thing happens to talk show host Jerry Langford (Lewis) on his way to the studio... kidnapped by stand-up comedian Rupert Pupkin (De Niro) and his wacky sidekick (Bernhard), Langford is forced to give Pupkin a shot at the big time by allowing the struggling comic to perform his routine on Langford's show. What unfolds is an incredibly funny and poignant story about the darker side of comedy.

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