Scotland's attractions for FREE! St Andrew's day weekend

Scotland's attractions for FREE! St Andrew's day weekend

Found 8th Nov 2009
Many Historic Scotland sites, as well as other attractions are offering free entry to celebrate St Andrews day.

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Thanks for the heads up :-)

The Zoo was brilliant last year, was absolutely freezing but we still went along, word of warning to anyone that wants to go tho, the queues were massive and the place was absolutely mobbed.

The penguin parade was packed, we pushed the kids to the front and stood behind the people who were standing beside them.

The park was closing at 4.30 or something like that, we left about 3.45, the queue at that time was all the way along the street.

I'm sure at the penguin parade the girl who was announcing them said they had something like 30000 people through the door already that day.

thank u

Fantastic! Thanks for reminding :thumbsup:
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