Scott Genius 30 2009 Mountain Bike (was £2999.00) £2399.99 @ evans
Scott Genius 30 2009 Mountain Bike (was £2999.00) £2399.99 @ evans

Scott Genius 30 2009 Mountain Bike (was £2999.00) £2399.99 @ evans

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The new Genius has arrived! Equipped with a new frame, improved geometry and the new Equalizer2 TC rear shock with Oil Transfer System (OTS). It is the lightest full suspension Marathon / Trail bike offering 150mm travel in the market. The new frame weighs outrageously little at only 1840g (shock 410g), and is the lightest in its class! The Scott Genius 30 2009 Mountain Bike offers a 150mm rear-travel and is equipped with the patented 3 mode traction control system. The Genius is the ideal bike for marathons, long distance mountain rides or just a simple tour with your friends.


£2399.99 Bargin

Good deal saving someone £600. Heat added

Unfortunatly though its not a 50p saving off some crisps or 20p off some fizzy drinks so it wont be very hot here


£2399.99 Bargin

You said it (well, nearly). This is a Bargain - heat + rep added

not thinking to buy, but heat added. good deal !!! huge savings for someone


UKHD'ers can't plug this into their TV's, so don't expect much heat from them.

Original Poster

Yeah. I'm not too fussed if people don't get it. But if it saves one person £600 it's got to be worth a post.
Thanks for the rep.

Great bike, not get it cheaper anywhere else. Top deal, thanks.

Shame it doesn't come with Shotgun to keep away hoodies from stealing it.

you may as well buy a car for that amount.

You should have put a half naked woman as the photo, that usually generates around 300 degress on here, regardless of the product.

Voted Hot on price, but wouldnt recommend buying it with Scotts ropey limited frame warranty.

I would however recommend either Trek or Giant based on their generous frame warranties.

P.s. Its not that light @ 27.31 lbs.


you may as well buy a car for that amount.

Idiotic post.

Haven't voted either way as I am not into biking in a big way and have no idea if this bike is good or not (or the price for that matter) - just had to have a peek inside this thread to say why it's getting cold votes and can't figure out why people vote cold on a product they:-

a) have no interest in
b) have no idea whether it's a good deal for the product or not.

if a+b then don't vote either way, just skip past.

Wow, look at the amount of sarcastic posts.

£600 nicker is a whopping saving....hopefully somone will benefit from it.

my mates into mountain biking and he thinks nothin of spending £500 on a set of cogs FFS!!!

so hot from me....

Quote: "The new Genius has arrived!"
If it's just arrived, how could it have been previously been priced at £2,999!! :whistling:
Pre-order I guess!!
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