Scott Walker - Boy Child - The Best Of CD £2.99 @ Play

Scott Walker - Boy Child - The Best Of CD £2.99 @ Play

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Found 25th Aug 2009Made hot 25th Aug 2009
Collection of the most excellent Mr Walkers best (solo) early work

Montague Terrace
Such A Small Love
The Plague
The Amorous Humphrey Plugg
The Girls From The Streets
Plastic Palace People
The Bridge
It's Raining Today
Big Louise
We Came Through
The Seventh Seal
On Your Own Again
Boy Child
The Old Man's Back Again
Angels Of Ashes
Little Things
Time Operator
Epilogue.The War is Over


Never heard of him.


Never heard of him.

you must be young:)

Cold cuz' it's a mod'.:)

Mod or crooner, its that name, Scott Walker, buy it and listen, there is no excuse not to, and you will be hooked.


Cold cuz' it's a mod'.:)

Are you mad? Andy is probably the sole person on here who finds the best deals there is and gives a lot of contribution to bringing people great bargains on here.

This is a great deal and its fitting that its got to the hot wall.

Why would you vote a deal cold because a mod posted it? Try having a look at the deal first instead of stupidly voting great deals cold.

Just because your a Chelski fan doesn't mean you can just pointlessly vote a deal cold and give a **** reason for it.

Scott Walker - what a voice ! H & R added - thanks.

I always remember Jackie by SW.


I always remember Jackie by SW.

That's not on this album, alas, because all the songs are written by SW and 'Jacky' was of course written by Jacques Brel.

This compilation is a really good introduction to early Scott Walker.

It was a joke... gave Heat lol

Worth it for 'The Old Man's Back Again' alone. Hot.
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