Scott Walker - Scott (1) CD - £2.99 @ Amazon (+ £1.99 if not Prime or >£20).

Scott Walker - Scott (1) CD - £2.99 @ Amazon (+ £1.99 if not Prime or >£20).

Found 20th Apr
Ladies and gentlemen, you need this more than £3.
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Couldn't agree more; what a voice. Thanks @dwor
Scott 1 - 4, amazing.
Great price, thanks O P
In case you won't just trust me and Andy and Keef, here's the first track for you...

And yes, it's a Jacques Brel cover. And yes, Jacques Brel is also glorious.
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always good to take the opportunity to post this from one of his biggest fans

Personal favourite of this collection is Scott 4, but they are all amazing. A must buy and listen.
Incredible voice.I've spent the last year or two rounding up walker brothers and Scott singles I didn't have from car boots.But I do claim to be a long term fan,I've owned a Copy of Another tear falls since 1966!
This is 'Scott' not 'Scott 1'.
no regrets buying this.
My personal favourite is 'Til the Band Come In' but then I'm a bit odd. But this is a great album too.
Saw The Walker Brothers, bizarrely, at The Fiesta in Sheffield (chicken in a basket cabaret type club) in the early 80s (or was it late 70s?). Although they appeared/were very drunk it was still an amazing night. Scott Walker - what a voice! Ordered and heat added.
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