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Scoville 11 Litre Digital Air Fryer With Rotisserie - £69 @ Asda

£69£9930% off
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Think it is this price only if you purchase online through the grocery website. It was full price in my local store and I was told I would have to purchase through the website because it is an online promotion.

More info and photos can be found on the George website (although I don't think their stock checker is accurate):

11 litre Digital XL Air fryer • 8 preset cooking modes for convenient cooking including rotisserie, meats, fish, fries, and dehydration • Includes 2 mesh oven shelves for baking and air frying; cook up to 800g fries • Includes motorised rotisserie bar, forks and handle to rotate up to a 1.2kg whole chicken and meat joints to offer even cooking results • Option to also adjust time and temperature manually for complete control over your cooking • Transparent glass window and oven light to see food cook in real time • Non-stick drip tray to collect juices and easily removed for cleaning • 60 minute timer, 65-200C adjustable temperature
Asda More details at Asda

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  1. williamsofsoton's avatar
    I love my air fryer like this one, I'd say get one, but please don't think you can rotisserie a whole chicken even a tiny one. It's just too heavy to rotate at all!
    WillowPAW's avatar
    I managed to rotisserie a small pork joint in it - was lovely and amazing crackling!
  2. super_davo's avatar
    I have this exact model and generally pleased with it but:
    - The rotisserie function is basically useless - smallest chicken I could get from supermarket was 1.3kg and that was too large and heavy. Maybe a quaill might be OK? If you could use a kebab stick attachment I could see uses but didn't come with one.
    - Because of the rotisserie you've only got two shelves, and you lose some of the potential slots to put them in

    Cooks pretty well though, as long as you remember to turn the food every 5 minutes or so.

    At this price it is definitely a good deal, but if the prices were similar, definitely get the model without the rotisserie.
    kay.morris's avatar
    My 1.3 chickens turn fine
  3. GaryCrossan's avatar
    £62 with Blue light card. Good deal .
    They're generally in stock in store
  4. AverageJoeseph's avatar
    Doesn't show in pictures, is there an attachment for fries to roll them around and get even frying?
    secsteel's avatar
    No tumbler with the Scoville, it's supplied with the Tower version.
  5. columbo's avatar
    Can confirm it's this price instore in Asda Bishopbriggs. (edited)
  6. Gemsdad's avatar
    This is identical to the Tower Vortx T17039, we have, paid around £70 in 2021, but they are showing as £113 on Amazon currently. We use ours daily instead of the oven.
    Robdataff's avatar
    I've got the tower, been great. Mine came with three mesh trays though, this comes with 2. I wonder if that's the only difference? Towers got a three year warranty, I'm not sure on this.
  7. nllinux's avatar
    I have manged to buy one, no stock in local stores, but able to collect tomorrow for 50p
  8. rachela40's avatar
    Just ordered thanks ! Also when checking out I clicked on e vouchers and there was a random £20 off next order there so I got it for £49. Worth checking as I nearly didn’t bother
    GaryCrossan's avatar
  9. browntoa's avatar
    Showing out of stock for me online
    SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Showing in stock at mine.
  10. collicottbeth's avatar
    Thank you! I hate the drawer type ones so have been wanting one of these 😁
    billyboy101's avatar
    Why would you hate the draw type ones - so much better then trays only the top tray gets cooked !!
  11. 54F's avatar
    Is it good for making chicken wings plz.
  12. Mak222's avatar
    How do I add this product to my basket as when I click it does not add very confusing
  13. SoperMan's avatar
    How does this compare to a traditional air fryer, like Ninja?
    graham.johnsonZCH's avatar
    What makes you say that a Ninja is a traditional air fryer as Ninja make several different types of air fryer all doing the same thing, that is blowing hot air around the oven.
  14. schnecker's avatar
    It'll be fine as long as you don't use it, bit like the pans :/
    bsmallwo's avatar
    Pans have been fantastic for us on our induction hob. So much more efficient than any others we’ve used.
  15. fishz's avatar
    Was going to do a click and collect this but it is also available to be delivered with your groceries. Mine will arrive later today. Hopefully better than the old Philips basket style air fryer that it's replacing.

    Edited to add: It was out of stock on my delivery so I guess I won't be trying it out after all (edited)
    SoperMan's avatar
    What was wrong with your Philips? (edited)
  16. hammersboy72's avatar
    Thanks OP. Ordered! Heat added
  17. WillowPAW's avatar
    I have the Tower branded version of this.
    This is more like using a traditional oven, just on a far smaller scale - making it easier to learn how to use it IMHO. 
    As others have eluded to - all ovens are really airfryers; blowing hot air about to cook. ‘Airfryer’ has become a bit of a marketing catch-all. 
    I’ve had the Tefal Actifrys for years (and still use it for chips as the stirring action is better than chips being sat static) on a shelf or in a draw).
  18. kushie_88's avatar
    I've tried to order this the last 2 days and both days has been cancelled. Have reordered again for tomorrow so maybe third time lucky.
    7777777's avatar
    My delivery was cancelled too (no reason provided), the in-store price was higher but wouldn't honour the discount , found discounted item at another store. Their pricing system is an utter mess. (edited)
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