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Posted 23 December 2022

Scoville 4.3L digital Air fryer £39 + Free collection @ George (Asda)

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Update 1
Back in stock 31/12
Saw this in store, checked that the price is available online as well. Price drop from £59 to £39. Review 4.8/5 not bad for the price!

• 4.3L air fryer, allowing up to 500g of food to be cooked
• 8 pre-set cooking modes including fries, meat, fish, snacks, and cakes
• Digital controls for use of use including temperature and timer controls, and auto shut off
• 3 layer speckled non-stick coating for easy cleaning
• Adjustable temperature range 85-200C
• 60 minute timer
• Auto shut off at end of cooking time
• Dishwasher safe basket and insert
• Weight 4.1kg


info added by @wadz

Warranty - 2 Years
Capacity - 4.3 Litres
Colour Family - Blacks
Dimensions (WxDxH in cm) - 26.4 x 30.6 x 32.8 cm
Material - Plastic
Model Number - SAF102B
Power - 1500 Watts
Type - Fryers
Weight - 4.1kg
Brand - Scoville

George (Asda) More details at George (Asda)
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    Does it do sausage and chips?
    49125893-rPYVN.jpg (edited)
    I’ve been Airfrying for a couple of years and I’ve never burnt anything. You need to adjust times down for air fryers, 50% usually and adjust from there, noting down perfect times  and temperatures for common items.  I do sausages for 12 minutes at maximum, 15 minutes if frozen. But all air fryers vary a bit.
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    I have the bigger scoville air fryer and find it cooks nothing any better, quicker or cheaper than our gas oven, hence it's hardly used.
    It certainly doesn't live up to any of the hype I've read or been told.
    That's because air fryers are basically mini ovens...

    The benefit is reduced energy consumption as it has to heat less volume. (edited)
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    Another voice in the chorus. I bought an air fryer on a whim and found it to be better than my oven for my small portion needs. My big oven takes 10 minutes at 3kw to heat up plus needs most cooking times adjusting up. My airfryer heats in 3 minutes with 1.3kw and needs cooking times adjusting down. Baking a frozen croissant went from 25 minutes to 10 saving ~1kwh or ~40p on my tariff. On the flip side I couldn't fit two veggie burgers in side by side so had to stack them making them soggy where they touched. Big items and meals need creative placement. (edited)
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    I did a ribeye in my new tower Vortx last night. As an ex chef who loves a steak it tasted better than done on the BBQ. My favourite air fryer dish is crumpet covered in garlic butter, topped with cheese and sliced green chilli's and then air fried, the crumpet becomes infused with garlicy butter, golden cheese and chilli. Absolutely delicious.
    That sounds amazing, really should be more inventive in food I do in mine. Chips do get a bit boring after a while
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    Anonymous User
    Previous HUK deals have given some published figures re temperatures and timings. For example Oven 200 degrees / Fan Oven 180 degrees = 160 degrees for Air Fryer. 30 minutes cooking in Oven/Fan Oven = 24 minutes in Air Fryer.
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    The website has updated early. Just went in store and it's not on sale until boxing day.
    Thanks for the heads up !
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    My 3 litre air fryer purchased from argos has already been moved to room 101
    I love my 3 litre air fryer from Argos for £30.00 - made pizza for lunch, will have chicken for tea then mince pies this evening.
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    If we were rating this Air Fryer on the Scoville scale would it be Carolina Reaper or Bell Pepper?
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    Thanks OP. Always wanted an air fryer but wasn't planning on paying the ridiculous prices I've seen around lately.
  10. Avatar
    These are full of hot air.
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    I really want one but remember I had something similar and never used it. I think it's because everyone's going on about them at moment. I miss roasting almonds in the one that I got rid of. Also I'm a bit weird, I made me eat wet food, like stews and rice etc. I couldn't find a single thing to cook in it which I normally ate. I think it comes from growing up without an oven. Wouldn't mind playing with one now though. I was seriously tempted but have all sold out now. (edited)
    B&M have the 7.6L Tower Vortx for £99. It's the best value for money if you're a family of 3 or more imo.
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    No good for most people that have near-unlimited access to plain old analogue air only.
    Sounds a tiny bit smelly.
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    Is it spicy?
  14. Avatar
    Well, I am certainly aga aphobic. The cooks delight so they say. Tally-ho.
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    Are these any better than a halogen oven?
    A search engine called Google can help you with that answer >

    "halogen oven versus air fryer" >


    If you don't want to read this then the answer is the Air Fryer won. (edited)
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    Hi, ordered thanks for posting OP
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    fantastic air fryer , bought one this morning , had to pay full price , as the staff , were not interested ,
    in the hot uk deal , other stores have discounted them but not mine , also online my store was out of stock ,
    however there were two on the shelf ! thanks for posting ........
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    crumpet covered in garlic butter
  19. Avatar
    This looks very similar to my Tefal one that cost a lot more. I haven't used the oven since I bought it.
  20. Avatar
    Thanks, just got mine in Leyton. Plenty on the shelf as still shows old price, but scanned at £39
  21. Avatar
    £59 on shelf and £59 scanned at Poole store
  22. Avatar
    I looked online and said out of stock everywhere except limited stock in a store about 30 min away... I got up early and went there. None left... however there was one on the floor at back of store next to a cage where they had been stocking shelves I think. I suspect a worker had maybe pulled it aside for themselves... So I took it...lol, last one as far as I know. However I wanted 2. So when I got back home I checked and miraculously my nearest store , which had previously listed as out of stock was now showing limited stock...so I went there and they had 4 on the shelf...so picked one up. So one for me and a pressy for mum. Hope it's half decent... cheap at the price so no big deal if it's not very good. Apologies to the worker in that first store.. merry xmas to you. To be fair this is the first time I've managed to get something that was listed on this site. Everytime they're always gone.... probably always bought up by scalpers. (edited)
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    Thanks to hduk
    Just bought last one
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    Just got one from this morning from Runcorn. They were marked at £59. Had a chat with a worker and they updated the days price discounts and it was reduced to £39. Last minute crimbo presnlent sorted 😃
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    Fleetwood had them in stock for the advertised £39 earlier today. I grabbed the last one from the 'Sale' section, but there were a few remaining in the usual aisle (albeit still tagged at £59 on the shelf but it was the same one from the Sale section)
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    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread
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    Was showing as Out of Stock for my closest Asda store when I used the 'Check local store' option on the their website earlier and sure enough, there weren't any on the shelf when I was in that store for something else late this afternoon (but the shelf label did show the reduced sale price). However whilst I was wandering around the store a few appeared on the shelf that I had previously seen bare so I grabbed myself one, I also saw staff putting more out in the store's Sales section. This was the Eastgate store in Bristol, a bit late since the store is now closed but could be useful for someone after Xmas. Also, it doesn't seem that you can 100% rely on the accuracy of the Online store stock checker, as I checked on my mobile whilst I was still in the store and the Air Fryer was still showing as OOS, also the Asda George 6.2L Air Fryer which is in this deal was showing as Out of Stock for this particular store and 1 of those appeared on the shelf whilst I was still in the store and I noticed they had some of those on a pallet that hadn't been unsealed yet. Not sure whether this Deal should still be expired, it's OOS for ordering online - maybe change it to in-store only.
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    Does anyone here own one of these scoville 4.3 litres air fryers? If so, could you tell me if a 1.5 - 2kg whole chicken can fit in the basket? I have ordered this as well as the asda 6.2 size but will return one of them. If this can fit a whole chicken then that is big enough for me and I am happier to have less wattage because its cheaper to run.
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    There was lots still available at the asda wolstanton near the front door
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    Saw this instore today. Its tiny. Also consider no warranty as its Scoville. They never ever honor warranty (edited)
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    Thanks for posting There were loads in the Asda Oadby Leicester store yesterday afternoon marked as £39 (in the seasonal/sale aisle rather than homeware aisle). (edited)
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    2 left in Falmouth store, in the sale aisle. Extra -10% off with BLC! (Don’t forget to bring extra form of ID)
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    Back in stock online
  34. Avatar
    Had a couple in Barnstaple store earlier along with loads of the 2.2ltr and 3.2ltr ones. I bagged the last 6.2ltr
  35. Avatar
    In-stock online as of 8.23am
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    Thanks for posting this deal.
    I had been waiting for them to come back in stock when they were full price.
    I ordered online (and collected in store) at the discount price. Bargain
  37. Avatar
    Seems to be back in stock online now.
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