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Posted 12 January 2023

Scoville Neverstick 32cm Stock Pot £22 @ Asda

£22£3435% off
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After making a stew tonight I realised I need a bigger pan so had a look and found a deal on this large 32cm pot.
My stew always ends up sticking to my pan so this non stick technology "Neverstick" will hopefully solve my problem.

The Neverstick 32cm Stockpot is the ultimate tool for creating perfect stews or you could even throw together a quick mid-week pasta dish. Whichever delicious meal you decide to use this Stockpot for you can maximise flavour and minimise washing-up. Scoville radicalises the way you cook by featuring Neverstick, the latest innovation in non-stick technologies.
Asda More details at Asda

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  1. Avatar
    We have this pan and can confirm that it is very good for making stews and curries.. We paid around £30, so this is a good price.
    Great. Exactly what I want to hear, thanks🙏
  2. Avatar
    Went to ASDA to get this and it's absolutely massive. Ended up getting the 24cm one instead which is more than plenty for what I need.
    I concur 🤦
  3. Avatar
    Have a lidded fry pan in this range. I suspect it’s indestructible. Heat.
  4. Avatar
    Just curious as I've not heard of them before - is Scoville a good brand?
    Yep, I have a good few things from them and they're all great.
  5. Avatar
    We have had this pan for a couple of years and it's a great size if you like batch cooking soup, chiili, curry, ragu, etc
    Also works fine on an induction hob, in case you were wondering.
    Great. Can't wait to use it.
  6. Avatar
    Scoville are the best pans you can get at this price point. Bar none.
  7. Avatar
    I have other Scoville Neverstick pans, and they are great while they last, but expect nothing from the guarantee, Scoville always manage to give an excuse to wriggle out of it, often that it’s been used on too high heat setting.
    That said, they are cheap enough to throw away and replace (not exactly environmentally friendly, I think I’d had mine under a couple of years before I had to throw it), but they’re quite frequently on offer.
    All pan guarantees are useless as there's pretty much no way to claim against them so I just ignore them. And you're right - these pans don't handle very high heat well at all but most non-sticks don't and you'll see that mentioned in the usage instructions that come with the pan. It's the same for very expensive Le Creuset pans for example. If you want to cook on very high heat, there are other types of pans that work much better. As for the Neverstick pans I have, I've kept them off very high heat and they've far outlasted Tefal which are in the same price range, so I'm really happy with them.
  8. Avatar
    Bought mine from Dunelm, who also stocked the 28cm size. Love mine. However, I do recommend using silicone spoons, spatulas, etc, to avoid unnecessary scratching of the pan surfaces.
  9. Avatar
    It’s worth noting that this is massive. I rarely use mine but the next size down (24cm) is my go to. That’s also on sale at £15.
  10. Avatar
    Was looking at this yesterday and can confirm that it's massive. It's a shame that they discontinued the 28cm version as that would have been ideal for me. Heat if this one suits you though.
  11. Avatar
    I bought the 5 pan set a couple of years ago, with mild use (cooking for 2 people around 3 times a week) the material has flaked off several of the pans.

    Infact, some of the aluminium (i think) had flaked off while cooking and was found in our food.

    These are good value for money pans but how much metal and other crap and you unknowingly ingesting with cheap non-stick. We opted for plain metal pans moving forward as it was quite shocking to us.
    Funny/fun fact - Iron pots are a good source of the micronutrient Iron. So, the “metal” may not be all that bad 😃
  12. Avatar
    I have ordered the 5 panset twice at Asda recently but both times they did not deliver ( it was still showing on their site) Argos dont have stock so check stock levels. Very good pans
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