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Posted 16 March 2023

Scoville Neverstick 5 Piece Cookware Set Includes Free Frying Pan - £35 + Free Click & Collect @ George / Asda

£35£6849% off
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Scoville Neverstick 5 Piece Cookware Set, originally £68 , now £35 with free click and collect.
4433 reviewers left 5* feedback .
Register with Scoville online the guarantee soon after purchase just in case.
Product description:
This 5 piece Scoville cookware set is perfect if you’re just starting out in a new kitchen or as a gift. With a milkpan, two saucepans, 24cm frying pan and a free 20cm frying pan this set is the essential and most affordable way to introduce Neverstick to your home.

This set radicalises the way you cook by featuring Neverstick, the latest innovation in non-stick technologies. Thanks to our carefully engineered toughening system, we proudly produce truly non-stick cookware that’s made to last.

Neverstick lets you cook without butter, fats and oil without food sticking to the pan, making washing-up easier too! With its high-grade aluminium body and stainless steel base: Scoville Neverstick is resilient and achieves superbly even heat distribution for a perfectly cooked meal every time. No more burnt bits stuck at bottom of the dish a quick soak in soapy water and the washing-up is done!

We are so proud of Neverstick that this Scoville set comes with a lifetime guarantee!!

• Lifetime Guarantee including the non-stick!
• Suitable for all cookers including induction
• Dishwasher safe
• Flake and peel free
• 100% PFOA free
• We always advise against using metal utensils
In-store availability, prices and promotions may vary from those online.
Fabric details and care

George (Asda) More details at George (Asda)
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  1. meganp9's avatar
    Anyone got these? Any good?
    Mysticaltopaz24's avatar
    I have these personally bought over 5 years ago, used daily without issue and still as good as new the price is a bargain. I have no connection to Asda in anyway so my view is totally impartial, the feedback on the website shows 4433 people that give the set 5*.
    I don't use in a dishwasher and only use wooden / silicone utensils hope this helps (edited)
  2. GlennQuagmire's avatar
    Got the 8l stock pot..superb.. this price is normal, but I'm gonna get them as my old set (different brand) are kupputt!! Anyone who uses non stick should watch dark water the film, soon as they flake off I'd pack em in. That stuff is not intended to be eaten and god knows what this stuff does to your insides.. no wonder 1 in 2 people get cancer now with the stuff they are pumping out.. worth a watch!
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    I wouldn't say this is the normal price, but it is the only price people normally buy them at.
    They're only this price 6-8 weeks of the year, everyone just waits till they drop before buying.

    Agree on the flaking though, as soon as any pan flakes it should be binned/returned under warranty if still covered.

    These Scoville pans have been solid for us though, used almost every day for the last couple of years and not a scratch or flake in sight.
  3. Monkeyface's avatar
    Always annoys me that they never say precisely what the coatings are made of.
    All that bad press about PFOA's so they now all advertise PFOA free, but there are other things I want to check aren't in it, but they don't list it anywhere that I can find.
  4. somekindofwonderful's avatar
    These are great! Been using them daily for about 6 months now. No issues at all using just wooden utensils. Heat
  5. vivianstuckinboringville's avatar
    These are great. Nothing lasts forever but will do a good few years.
  6. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Set up a notification for 'Scoville' last night as I wanted to get this set as a present for someone (just bought an induction cooker).
    Good timing, lol. Thanks.

    Have a few myself and they're great, superb non-stick and very durable. (edited)
  7. Kingydaman's avatar
    I'll be honest, these are deffo worth £35
  8. SeamusO's avatar
    Had these for about 5 years and just ordered another set as old ones bit knackered now from being jammed in dishwasher and general use. Excellent value for money.
  9. stapsell's avatar
    I have 2 sets.
    Been very happy. Non stick will always die over time, but these have held up pretty well despite busy house and teenager neglect.
    Being cheaper and a bit lighter they're also easier on general handling and washing, some of my other pans are very heavy!
  10. Dusty's avatar
    Isn't the coating use on these a bit grim. Did consider these for the new induction hob but thought ceramic was the way to go (edited)
    SeamusO's avatar
    I like the coating. Prior to these I would regularly buy expensive sets from Costco e.g. circulon eyc. And these have lasted as long. If you are firing pans in dishwasher like I do then there's no point spending 100's on pan sets as they are going to get ruined in a few years.
  11. randomnut's avatar
    Can’t argue for the price but the nonstick lasts all of 5 minutes
    SeamusO's avatar
    Not with mine. Only reason I'm getting new set is the outside has started to deteriorate due to banging against other pans in dishwasher. Non stick still good as new after about 5 years but I never use metal utensils with them.
's avatar