Scrabble 2009 £9.99 @

Scrabble 2009 £9.99 @

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* Enjoy the traditional game and play fun minigames such as Scrabble Hold'Em (bet against your opponents on the best word you can do) and Tempest on the Scrabble (Scrabble game where you can change the rules as you play).
* Get your Scrabbler Profile and compare it with your friends. Through a large number of statistics and unlock achievements the game will determine which Scrabbler you are!
* Play Scrabble against friend, family and online opponents. Play on the same DS through the Hot Seat Mode or wirelessly wherever you are.
* Enter a single-player campaign to learn the Scrabble basics and improve yourself. Progress through a light-hearted story, from local Scrabble competitions to prestigious international events. Begin as a rookie and become an undisputed champion.
* Scrabble: 2009 Edition features a very adaptable yet powerful AI. As a beginner you can train yourself with a forgiving opponent and as a veteran match yourself against a top-notch AI that will challenge you.
* Play with the updated official Scrabble Collins Dictionary.


heat added this is a great deal and its a great game, mind you asda might be doing these at the launch of there £10 a game on ds at the moment

but cant go wrong delivered at this price dont forget to add quidco to ur title as thats a further 6% discount

It was back up to £17.99 minutes ago

but nows its back to £9.99:?
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