Scrabble 2009 Edition [PC DVD] £

Scrabble 2009 Edition [PC DVD] £[email protected]

Found 22nd Feb 2010
Maybe not as good as getting a family game of Scrabble going on a real board but a great game nevertheless at a great price. Plus 4% Quidco.

Play Scrabble and word minigames with friends and have fun while improving your vocabulary! Scrabble: 2009 Edition allows all kinds of Scrabble players to meet an interesting challenge according to their level, from the casual Scrabble player to the affiliate competition player. Comprehensive tutorials will help beginners to progress while veterans will find uncompromised challenge through a powerful yet adaptable AI and complex minigames such as finding words combination with Puzzletters. Thanks to the online feature, you will easy find matching opponents on the Internet.


You can play for free on facebook :-D

Just received scrabble from cannot access solo player game without going through the tutorial !! But it asks you to zoom into the board by clicking the mouse button twice,will not zoom in using this method? Will zoom in using the scroller central wheel, so i’m locked out of the solo player game.
Have issues with plays return policy, Their independent test centre, also you will be liable for the postage of returned items. This will not exceed £2.00 for DVDs, CDs and video games.
Scrabble 2009 edition,destination dustbin. Should have bought from shop to,cheaper and less hassle. Play com. A plague on your returns policy.
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