Scrabble with (Belgian) Chocolate Pieces (170g), £6.46 @ Amazon UK

Scrabble with (Belgian) Chocolate Pieces (170g), £6.46 @ Amazon UK

Found 13th Dec 2012
Also Battleship, Twister, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. Board games with edible pieces. Great Xmas gift.

Comes complete with (small) game board, chocolate 'letters' and a chocolate trophy for the winner.

Check…=ss for the other games.

Note this is an edible deal.
- shuwaz



Love it!


very nice.

But I don't know any Belgian words.

Cheers. Cool gift.

Looks good, but what to do with box and board after choccies have gone?

This has made my day! Always used to buy a chocolate game to play every Christmas - have had some great ones over the years - Connect 4, Countdown, Blow football....haven't seen any around for ages. Might have to save to new year though as I've bought enough 'Christmas games' to last all day already! Have just a little bit of heat so the chocolate doesn't melt!

Novel stocking filler. Bought scrabble fridge magnets last year. Cool gifts!
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