Screwfix 550W pole hedge trimmer, £30 off £49.99 at Screwfix

Screwfix 550W pole hedge trimmer, £30 off £49.99 at Screwfix

Found 5th Mar 2018
Been waiting for this well-reviewed long hedge trimmer to come down in price.
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I used to own one of this style, be aware they're an absolute killer on your arms because all the weight of the motor is at the top. I changed to one with the motor in the handle and its such an improvement
Yes I know that's an issue with any of this design (most seen to be like this), but reviews seem to suggest it's not too bad for this one. I don't have loads of hedges to sort so I'm going to try it out. I'll return it if it's an issue.
Bloody heavy
Also marketted as A Macallister branded hedge trimmer by B & Q. Despite the weight this gets consistently good reviews due to its versatility. The shoulder strap should help with weight distribution. It has a long reach.

If you dont require the reach then the non-pole version will be a good option. I am very pleased with mine.
I have one and it is a great piece of kit.
The weight only becomes apparent after prolonged use...and there is a for a quick cuppa...back out to finish the job!! Always love how the negative comments fly in fast.I know it is good as I am always having to get it back off one neighbour or another:-))
Also got one, no problems and whether it is heavy is relative, I don't find it at all for my modest sized garden but my oap dad probably would. Good price
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