Scribblenauts Unlimited & Unmasked Double Pack (Steam) £1.65 @ Nuuvem

Scribblenauts Unlimited & Unmasked Double Pack (Steam) £1.65 @ Nuuvem

Found 27th Mar 2015
Both games for a very low price.

Nuuvem will tell you on the left hand side in red if a game is region locked. Do not buy any that are region locked.

Some games do not require a VPN to buy. Try without one first.

1) Open google translate and make an account
2) You can only make 1 game purchase per account, so if you're gonna purchase something for family or a friend, you're gonna need another account.
3) Some items are region purchase locked (Try without a VPN first)
4) Use a VPN to get around it (Brazil IP)
5) If you don't have a VPN install Chrome, then onto Chrome install the app called "Hola". This is all safe assuming you use Firefox as your default browser.
6) Choose Brazil
7) Make the purchase in Chrome with your paypal account (disconnect from Hola before entering payment details)
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They don't even list a double pack (neither do Steam) and both games are listed at full price.
Found it, you need this link

For some reason there is a constant problem with 404 on checkout

To fix this I used Argentina (Hola VPN)

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