Scrubs - Season 1 - 7 [26 DVD Boxset] DVD £59.93 Delivered @ Asda Entertainment

Scrubs - Season 1 - 7 [26 DVD Boxset] DVD £59.93 Delivered @ Asda Entertainment

Found 28th Aug 2009Made hot 28th Aug 2009
Next cheapest £65.06!!

With its deft combination of humour and heart, this single-camera sitcom is a both a critical and cult favourite. SCRUBS stars Zach Braff as J.D., an eager doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital. With J.D. as its narrator, the show frequently dips into surrealism as it shows his strange thoughts and daydreams. The rest of the characters on SCRUBS are equally eccentric: best friend Turk (Donald Faison), bossy nurse Carla (Judy Reyes), J.D.'s reluctant mentor Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley), the anxiety-ridden ex-girlfriend Elliot (Sarah Chalke), and J.D.'s arch nemesis, known simply as 'Janitor' (Neil Flynn). This fantastic collection includes series 1 to 7 of the highly successful, long-running show. The diverse back-catalogue of guest stars include John Ritter, Brendan Fraser, Heather Locklear, Heather Graham, Colin Farrell, Michael J Fox, Jason Bateman, Cheryl Hines, Elizabeth Banks, Dave Foley, and many more.


my boyf loves scrubs would make an ideal xmas gift

Very nice price, I think you can get 3.5% from quidco too.

Great price but i'm holding out for the 1-8 boxset, there's nothing worse than having a next boxset and then the series on the shelf.

Not bothering with Season 9 then?

This looks like a good deal though.

Uch, I'd prefer just 1-8, the 9th will be pointless tbh.
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