Scrubs - Seasons 1-8 Complete Box Set DVD - £59.85 at TheHut
Scrubs - Seasons 1-8 Complete Box Set DVD  - £59.85 at TheHut

Scrubs - Seasons 1-8 Complete Box Set DVD - £59.85 at TheHut

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This is the alternative deal, 10p more @ Zavvi


Apprently that's hot and this is cold though - I'm sure there's some logic there somewhere


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The cheapest price yet - so why cold? If it's been posted already then the tags need sorting as it isn't coming up in search. ta.

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Do we need to close/expire this guys? Not sure why it's getting cold if no-one says anything.

with walkers code its cheaper at zavvi x

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and yet nowhere on the zavvi post does it say that, or reflect it in the price, or even give instructions on this mythical walkers code shinanigans.

I guess I'll use a crystal ball before posting next time.
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Just a guess that members are not voting hot as it's very similar to an existing deal. 10p price difference on a £60 purchase won't always find favour here.

However thanks for taking the time out to post and share your deal. Quite a few members have already rated your deal as hot, unfortunately this figure is less than the others who have voted it cold for reasons, so far, only known to themselves.

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There goes my heatwave badge.. dunno why I bother

Pesonally I like choice, and 10p is 10p. And I don't agree with the walkers code **** that's going around - surprised it hasn't been clamped down yet. And any posts that mention the walkers code should give full instructions on how to get one, else I'm voting cold as their deal is unclear.

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