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Living Normandy Carpet £3.62 per square m @ ScS
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Living Normandy Carpet £3.62 per square m @ ScS
Seems too good to be true but tried adding the living normandy carpet to my basket. When I have added this carpet to my basket the price doesnt seem to calculate properly. 10m2 … Read more

Cancellation call web error :(


Just had a cancellation call :(


Still works. Ordered but question if they honour it. Do not seem like they are. We shall see (skeptical)


must have fixed the glitch. £14.49 now (mad)


Bar stewards

SCS Carter 3 seater Leather sofa reduced £564 delivered @ ScS
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
SCS Carter 3 seater Leather sofa reduced £564 delivered @ ScS
The Carter sofa collection combines sleek, compact designs and a range of colour options to add a modern touch to any home. With a range of coordinate or all over colour options a… Read more

This is now £495 before any codes.


I know it’s more expensive but Costco is great for stuff like this. I’m prepared to spent a bit more knowing I’ve got someone to complain to who will do something


Is SCS geniune leather and are they true to 4 years interest free credit. Never dealt with them before and I really need a sofa and DFS is too expensive for me


if people are voting this cold, can you please let me know, why? I'm genuinely keen to understand. Thanks.


I couldn't agree more. I've come to the conclusion that as long as i have 5 years guarantee and for a reduced price; I'd prefer to go with mid range. Firstly, i always redecorate after a few years and secondly, everything made is no longer to a high standard. In addition, I've got young kids... it all depends on everyones personal situation.

SCS Spark 3 seater sofa £299 with code @ Scs Quidco 3%
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
SCS Spark 3 seater sofa £299 with code @ Scs Quidco 3%
The Spark sofa collection would make a stylish addition to any home, combining classic designs and vibrant fabric accents.With a choice of fabric colour options, each piece is comp… Read more

Has anyone heard of deko furniture ? Beautiful sofas but no show rooms in London and I am rather sceptical


£399 now and code doesn't seem to apply. Expired?




I was talking in sofa terms! If it’s quality even ex display it won’t show the wear, hence why it over £4K new. If you don’t have £4K for a sofa, getting a £4K sofa for £1.5 is a good deal. Hence why we are all here!


you were the one that said you get what you pay for, not me any product is worth what people are prepared to pay for it. Also people looking for a sofa will be looking for a new one rather than one thats been sat on by 5 million people in a shop :P

Anya 3 Seater Sofa Scatter Back £299 @ SCS (£59.00 Delivery)
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Posted 5th May 2018Posted 5th May 2018
Anya 3 Seater Sofa Scatter Back £299 @ SCS (£59.00 Delivery)
Good price for 3 Seater Fabric Sofa £299 Bank holiday deal other sizes available 3+2 The Anya sofa collection would add a stylish touch to any home, combing modern designs and vibr… Read more
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£59 delivery :)


I wouldn’t bother. Add on an extra £100 for foam rather than rubbish fibre filling.


I doubt it - I'm sure that they would have advertised it that way if it was


Why do these sofa companies never tell you what their sofas are made of? I have an almost identical sofa by Sofology and I have been trying to find out what material the arms are. They are so strange. They are like a cross between leather and suede but I am 99% sure it is some sort of synthetic material. When your hands are dry it's super soft like fabric but if you get a damp cloth to clean up a spillage it goes like leather. I tried asking the after sales support team what material it is and what the best products for cleaning it are but they wouldn't give me any information unless I setup an account and provided them with my sale order number. I bought it 5 years ago so no idea what my sales order number is so I gave them my surname and postcode and they started trying to sell me some sofa protection package instead of just answering my questions so I gave up. If anyone has any idea of what the material on the arms of the sofa in this deal are please let me know. It's driving me mad. Edit: Nvm apparently it's "Microfiber". I rang up Sofology and told them I was interested in buying a sofa but wanted to know what material the sofa is made of. Incredible how easy it was to get that information when you're a prospective customer vs trying to talk to the after sales support team.


Will the filling still be firm in a year's time? I note the guarantee is only on the frame.

Ludo 3 Seater Sofa Scatter Back £299 @ SCS
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Posted 24th Apr 2018Posted 24th Apr 2018LocalLocal
Ludo 3 Seater Sofa Scatter Back £299 @ SCS
SCS sofa sale. Apparently less than half price.

I can't believe this is gaining heat. This is no better than the DFS sale, in fact DFS currently have a formal back (as opposed to dreadful pillow back) for £279!! And if anyone posted that as a deal they'd get frozen into oblivion


Horrid company and their customer care is truly the worst i have come across....sold me a suite with umpteen scuff marks and damage ....offered to send one of the 'repair' chaps out ...only days after one of their inspectors condemned the suite and scuff marks as 'too deep and beyond repair...told i would get a refund' SCS many times...they just fob you off with excuses ...will go to ADR now and then court.


I wonder when their sale started!

carpet price!!!! should be £26, but it’s £5 on website at ScS
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Posted 22nd Dec 2017Posted 22nd Dec 2017
carpet price!!!! should be £26, but it’s £5 on website at ScS
Mistake on their website. Should be £26 per square meter. But it comes up as £5.10 psm. when u check out!!!!!! Grand Canyon carpets. The 5m wide carpet is 1/4 price of the 4m ca… Read more
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I didn’t. Argued the case that was on their website and payment but the read prescripted t&cs saying they reserve the right to cancel orders that were erroneously priced. ;(


thanks, i take it no one got any then. NM


Same for me. 0191 (Sunderland no)




Haha I was about to lol

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Extra 10% off clearance tables and sofas
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Posted 14th May 2017Posted 14th May 2017
Extra 10% off clearance tables and sofas
Just been into SCS bought a table at £20, loads left also extra money off clearance sofas...

Just a shame SCS don't have sales very often :D

Scs sofas - Sunderland - football legends, deals and giveaways - 05/11/2016
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Posted 5th Nov 2016Posted 5th Nov 2016LocalLocal
Scs sofas - Sunderland - football legends, deals and giveaways - 05/11/2016
Extra money of vouchers - carpets, furniture. Prizes to be given away Just met football players from Sunderland and receive a free signed ball Scs sofas sunderland
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Sunderland football legends, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - whoops wet myself.


Free signed ball, the ball has probably been devalued with the signature. Seriously though, SCS is probably the place i'd be least likely to buy a new sofa from - I do prefer Furniture Village.


Ah - the famous no 9. Deluded.


Never thought see football legends and Sunderland in the same sentence

Over 50% off at scs!!
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Posted 23rd Oct 2016Posted 23rd Oct 2016
Over 50% off at scs!!
Some sofas like the one shown has well over 50% knocked off the original price tag!

scs was on 'The Sheriff's Are Coming' this morning. woman with a duff couch ended up taking them to court and winning


do not buy from these, bought a sofa they delivered and scratched my new floor that had been down a week. the cushions were ripped, the legs were cracked and staples were hanging out the underlay and the seat was dipping in tge corner. went to the shop several times and spoke to the manager who promissed me a brand new sofa. when I called for the delivery date of my sofa 2 weeks later was told that a new sofa hadnt been ordered and I wasn't going to get one. contacted the head office and they had the same attitude £1400 from a sofa specialist is all I can say!] if you took their interest free option, credit company should offer to help resolve matter and take case up for you


Its highly likely the OP works in Marketing for DFS. Hopefully after decades of insulting the intelligence of the market with these ridiculous non-offers the penny might eventually drop that its the wrong tactic.


This has to be the coldest deal I've ever seen on this website - congrats OP! 8)


Had the opposite from SCS Sunderland when we complained about ours, sent a bloke out who resolved an issue dispute it in his opinion not being an issue. Similar service from DFS when one of the cushions was blatantly under weight.

Three seater sofa £299.99 @ SCS
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Posted 4th Jun 2015Posted 4th Jun 2015
Three seater sofa £299.99 @ SCS
Quite a good bargain compare to what the market is not a days for three seater sofa. Available in mink, the Sudbury collection is a stunning combination of comfort, style and quali… Read more
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Why is it cheap? Because it's bleeding awful. I would want it if it was a fiver.


Thats how its done.Cold.


Yes but this sofa was £699.99 previously between 1:01pm and 1:02pm on the 3rd March so it is a big saving!


Another company with 24/7/365 'sale'

La-z-boy recliner with fridge in armrest and heated massage @ SCS
Posted 25th Oct 2013Posted 25th Oct 2013
La-z-boy recliner with fridge in armrest and heated massage @ SCS
ScS Exclusive La-Z-Boy Cool Range appropriately named this model is big on comfort it’s cushioning will envelop you This range features the ultimate Cool chair with its massage an… Read more
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Brian James in Cannock had some great deals on La-z-y-boys if anyone local is after one. Only a mile from SCS if you're up that way.


My bad! Thought it was too good to be true! I'll expire it..



Your link takes you to the standard chair for £899.00, the reclining massage chair is £1349

La-Z-Boy Sale at SCS - 25% OFF!
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Posted 1st Jan 2011Posted 1st Jan 2011
La-Z-Boy Sale at SCS - 25% OFF!
25% Off all La-Z-Boy sofas and chairs. La-Z-Boy Sofas & Chairs The World Best Selling Recliners are now available online and at your local ScS sofa store. La-Z-Boy have desi… Read more
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dfs also have a sale on. must end this weekend!


Quality furniture but still expensive.

SCS Sofas Half Price Sale
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Posted 28th Dec 2009Posted 28th Dec 2009
SCS Sofas Half Price Sale
Up to 50% off on selected sofas at SCS
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I bet he would, he must have sat on enough of the things!


I bet he didn't get paid in sofas.


Martin Kemp would not agree :)


Completely agree, we were looking back in November and couldn't believe the shoddy quality of the SCS sofas, shockingly poor.


SCS furniture is utter s**t. And that's not me being snobby - I've got a DFS sofa in the conservatory that's pretty good - everyone's said they can't believe it's from DFS! Went round 2 different branches of SCS in search of a cheap sofa and found nowt but total overpriced, poor-quality, cheap-looking cack. Not saying DFS was brilliant, but definitely better.

SCS Sofa Deal - £10 x 48 months (0% APR) !
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Posted 20th Feb 2009Posted 20th Feb 2009
SCS Sofa Deal - £10 x 48 months (0% APR) !
SCS £10 Sofa Deal The BRANDO Sofa this weekend only at scs was £999 now £480. 0%apr so all you pay is a tenner a month, no deposit. Looks really nice too. I know all these retaile… Read more
Avatardeleted152891Get deal*Get deal*

ordered the Brando one today... 8week wait though :x but will be worth it... :thumbsup:


you can see it in most papers today. looks quite sylish


I have had very poor experience with SCS and wouldn't go near one their sofas if it was gold plated! They seem great before you part with your cash but just wait until things go wrong!


has anybody got or seen one of these corner suite, or know what they like??? thinking of ordering but dont want it to be knackered after 1 year n have to carry on paying for another 3


What a title... thought its £10 a sofa :p amended.

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