Scuttlebug Zoom in white and blue only £15.33 delivered from Amazon

Scuttlebug Zoom in white and blue only £15.33 delivered from Amazon

Found 28th Sep 2013
Big price drop today, down from £23 from amazon
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Thank you, another present for myself
For those that don't know, these things are great, very tough, light and they can fold up very very small without removing any of your fingers:
Yup. We bought one of these for our little girl last year. She still uses it (nearly 3). I love that it folds flat so is easily transported.
Wow! Great price
We have two pink girls love them
Are these shocking on carpet?
Many thanks op, also ordered black and white one too for a few quid more.
Sorry black and yellow 16.66.…1_7?qid=1380405372&sr=8-7π=SL75
if link works?!


Soz just saw your post on the other deal.
Hot from me. Perfect birthday present for my son, he's 2 next week. Thanks.
Back to full price
The yellow and black one is £16.66, not too badly priced.
reminds me of Herbie (shows my age!)
Back in stock, I just ordered
Unexpired as back in stock @ £15.33
thanks order one. great price.
Just brought for Xmas pressie, 12 in stock. Thanks op heat added
Up to £22.99 now, I had the £15.33 window open and put it in my basket and price went up to £22.99, not paying that!!
Are they any good on carpetted floors?
Any still at £15.33? Where am I best getting one from?
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