SDS drills at half price from 89p Screwfix

SDS drills at half price from 89p Screwfix

Found 18th Aug 2017
Screwfix are doing Titan SDS drill bits at half price. Anything from a 5.5 mm at £0.89 to a 22x1000 mm at £8.99. If you buy 3 they will also knock a further 15% off. Not the best quality, I guess, but cheap as chips :-)
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Bought a 20x1000, a 16x1000 and a 16x450 for ~£16. Just because I can. Good reviews and titan stuff seems good quality for a DIYer at least.

And now I can drill anywhere in the house from the comfort of my own sofa.
Mix and Match allowed. Will sell out fast
Brilliant. Great find. Used the 20x1000 before. Good quality. Just ordered the smaller diameter equivalent.
Ordered a load of 5.5 and 6 as that's what gets used the most.

Cheers mate!
The 450 by 16mm is the one for 15mm pipes and cabling through the average external walls.
like using a slegehammer to crack a nut.
At work we go through these bits like sweeties. We normally use the Dewalt or Bosch bits but for the price of these I've bought 50. Great find.
Thanks OP . Ordered 10 different sizes. As they are individual drill bits they come in their own labelled blue plastic cover , which for me makes them easier to store in a tool box than lugging a separate box set of drill bits around.
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